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A natural palette is huge in home renovations. Residents and sellers are choosing muted hues with natural stone and continuing a major current trend. Those looking to renovate or sell a home should consider their preferences but be well aware of the array of natural stone options available.

Bathroom Ideas

White stone is a popular color for bathroom tiles. All white stones to a softer white and gray mix are used for tiling both bathroom walls and floors. Gray tiles have become the new neutral and pair in a mix. Shape is an important feature and it appears that hexagons have been popular lately, with sizes up to 12-inches. Owners are looking to renovate with high quality sustainable materials, tastefully designed, that will last a lifetime.

Mosaics & White Marble

A recent HGTV video focuses on Hot Trends with Bob Okita from Bestview International and we find mosaics showcased with honey marble and white onyx mix. The mixed sizes of the stones and combination of white, gray and gold tones are soothing to the eyes and seem almost a natural arrangement. Marble is a hot seller and Okita mentions, “White marble is very big right now” and featured in many of the design magazines. Mosaic styles are available for both walls and floors. Homeowners can embrace the trend of white marble, and select a style that can serve as a mainstay in the room of their choice.

Classic & Traditional Ideas

Classic and traditional designs have seen resurgence with a beige basket weaved floor with darker accents. Homeowners can select a combination of materials in tiles of equal size. This serves well in the kitchen and brightens a space without overpowering it in one tone. Akita shows us a tile sample with a mix of quartzite, slate and types of glass that can serve as a backsplash or in a powder room. Design rules are freer for homeowners and natural designs and tiles are used throughout homes in both large and small quantities. Some owners are choosing to use natural stones in accent walls and leave surrounding walls plain.

Modern & Rectangular

Contemporary looks are also an option but many choose to stick with a neutral palette of tan, beige or brown. Both large and smaller rectangular natural stone tiles are used in different examples of current homeowner selections.

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