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Homeowners frequently have their contractors tell them that they should seal their concrete, but aren’t given specifics why. Sealing concrete is a good idea for most outdoor fixtures like pool decks, patios, and other areas that aren’t enclosed. Here’s some factors to consider for why you should seal concrete on your property.


Given the climate in Texas, we definitely recommend sealing your concrete in most cases. Not all of the state is a “freeze thaw” region, which is what happens when water seeps into cracks in the concrete, freezes, expands as a result of freezing, then eventually breaks the material apart. You might be surprised that even parts of Florida, New Mexico, and California have a lot of freeze-thaw cycles even though the weather may seem mild year-round. Living in an area prone to freeze-thaw cycles throughout the year definitely makes it a priority to seal your concrete, but even if you don’t live in a region like that, there are other reasons you might want to seal your concrete.

Chemical and Abrasion Resistance

Concrete is extremely porous and readily absorbs any liquid it comes into contact with such as lawn chemicals, fertilizer, salt, oils, and even water. Regardless of what the climate’s like where you live, if you have a pool, pond, birdbath, or any other structure with water you definitely want to seal your concrete. Same if you plan on doing any activities where spilling potentially harsh liquids on a regular basis is likely like gardening, grilling, or working on vehicles.


Because concrete is so porous, it stains easily. This might not be a big deal if you almost never work or play on certain parts of your property, but proper cleaning and sealing can make concrete both look great and repel certain chemicals, making your property more valuable.  Acrylic-resin sealers are ideal for making your concrete resistant to water while siliconates are best used for repelling oil stains.

Solvent-based sealers and epoxies can create high-gloss looks that complement pools very well and significantly change the concrete’s look. Water-based acrylic resin sealers can turn your patio into a majestic-looking structure with the satin-like texture they produce. Urethanes also come in a variety of finishes depending on how you want your property to look. In addition, sealants can be tinted to match your outdoor decor if you don’t want to stick with traditional gray.

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