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stone patio in austin after sealing

Stone Patio in Austin after sealing

Austin Stone Cleaning & Sealing Company: Flagstone, Limestone, Travertine, Slate & More

Your Local Austin Flagstone Cleaning & Natural Stone Restoration Pros!

Do you need to refinish or restore a stone patio, pool coping, or fireplace in Austin, Texas? While some with experience choose to DIY it (and we commend you for putting in the elbow grease), we recommend a professional stone cleaning and sealing to protect your stone work. Our Austin Stone Sealers  flagstone cleaning pros and stone restoration experts have the experience necessary to diagnosis the problem causing your stone to spall, stain, grow mold, or sustain water damage.

Every stone is unique. Although there are very dense varieties of limestone, there are also very porous varieties that are highly susceptible to water damage and other issues from exposure to the elements and chemicals or saltwater from your pool. Our stone cleaning pros can will inspect your stone work and tell you what kind of cleaning it needs. Sometimes a gentle soda blasting (provided at an additional cost) is all that is needed to remove light staining, but other times an intense cleaning is necessary to remove cheap store-bought stone sealant.

If you have less porous stone such as flagstone, Oklahoma flagstone, travertine, slate, marble, limestone, or other stone, then you have a wider choice of sealants to choose from. Some can enhance the color of your stone, giving it a richer, darker color variation. Others give your stone a natural look, while some varieties leave it looking wet, glossier, and shinier.

Professionally Clean Stone Before Restoration or Enhancements

We recommend that you have your stone professionally cleaned by our Austin Stone Sealers team prior to applying sealant or other restoration treatments. Restoring stone requires special attention, and we can give your stone the TLC it needs before we seal and protect it. After we clean your stone or brickwork, we can help you decide on the best TSSPRO Sealant to protect it for years to come.

Choose from our professional grade sealants including:

  • TSSPRO-100 Natural Look
  • TSSPRO-200 Water Based
  • TSSPRO-300 Low Sheen WetLook
  • TSSPRO-400 Slip Resistant Grip Additive
  • TSSPRO-500 Ultimate Enhancer
  • TSSPRO-600 Densifier Consolidator
  • TSSPRO-700 Clearsurface Algae Blocking

Our professional stone sealers are also available for purchase by the gallon so you can do-it-yourself!

Austin Stone Cleaning Questions Answered

Q. What neighborhoods & cities do you service around Austin?

A. That’s a good question. Austin Stone Sealers doesn’t just serve customers inside the Austin city limits, we serve customers in Arboretum, Bouldin Creek, Circle C, Cedar Creek, Georgetown, Marble Falls, San Marcos, Westlake, Travis Heights, Round Rock ,Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Barton Hills, Bryker Woods, Caswell Heights, Downtown Austin, Eastwoods, Hancock, Heritage, Hancock, Hyde Park, Judges’ Hill, Lower Waller Creek, North University, Oakmont Heights, Old Enfield, Old Pecan Street, Old West Austin, Original Austin, Original West University, Pemberton Heights, Ridgelea, Ridgetop, Rosedale, Shoal Crest, West Downtown, Wimberley, Elgin, Giddings, and Bastrop.

If you’re not sure whether our Austin stone sealing pros serve your area, just give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions!

Q. What kind of stone sealant is best for the Austin climate?

A. It depends on the kind of stone you have installed, and its location. It gets hot here in Texas, so many of us have pools near our stone work. If it’s near a pool, fountain, or other wet area we would suggest our TSS Clear Pro, or TSSPRO-500. This proprietary blend is a multi-tasking stone sealant that prohibits mold growth and water damage, yet allows the stone to breathe. Its dynamic nature means it is a good choice on a wide variety of surfaces. Not just stone, but also masonry, wood, concrete, and pavers.

If you have specific concerns because of visible damage to your stone, contact us and be sure to send pictures and/or videos with your questions.

Q. Do you give quotes in person or over the phone?

A. It depends on the size and scope of the project. In most cases, we can give a pretty accurate estimate from pictures and measurements you give us in a matter of hours.

Contact Texas Stone Sealers Today for a Free Cleaning or Restoration Estimate!

Texas Stone Sealers™ provides each client with a free, customized sealing quote over the phone. The quote is based on the linear footage of stone and its condition.

Please complete the form below and you will receive a free flagstone sealing quote. If you’d like to receive a quote faster please call us at (512) 671-9400.

In the comment section tell us about your flagstone, why you want it sealed, has it been sealed before, do you have a spa, (is it raised or even with pool surface) do you have a waterfall, water-slide, flagstone decking?

Pictures can be emailed to:

Texas Stone Sealers • 2025 Guadalupe St #260 • Austin, Texas 78705 • (512) 671-9400 • (888) 275-5354 Toll Free

Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, San Antonio, San Marcos and surrounding cities.

Let Texas Stone Sealers clean, seal, and restore your stone surface today!


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