Quartzite Cleaning and Sealing Services

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock comprised primarily of quartz. It is formed when sandstone containing a high percentage of quartz is exposed to extreme heat and pressure. The sand recrystallizes to produce interlocking quartz grains with remarkable strength. Quartzite is non-porous with a smooth surface and a grainy, lustrous appearance. The most common colors are white, gray or a light shade of pink, but may be found in yellow, orange, brown, green, or blue, depending on the impurities in the rock. Quartzite is a versatile building material, available in squares as well as random shapes. It is most often found in the mountains and on hillsides in countries around the world. Brazil and South Africa are two of the largest producers. Quartzite is an extremely durable material frequently used for patios and pool copings.

Vulnerabilities of Quartzite Tile

Quartzite has a high resistance to heat and is stronger than granite, making it popular for a number of outdoor structures. Although it is non-porous and usually unaffected by acids, some slabs may have traces of calcium carbonate that will react with acids. Exposure to acidic substances such as vinegar, orange juice, soft drinks or wine can cause etching of these areas. Mild etching can often be removed by polishing.

Areas that are etched more deeply will have a rough texture and cloudy appearance and typically require professional restoration. Quartzite has naturally occurring cracks and fissures and is highly absorbent. Quartzite stains easily from oils and highly pigmented solutions. Occasionally, a white surface residue may accumulate on the quartzite as a result of efflorescence but is easily cleaned. Over time, quartzite may patina, a condition where a green or brown colored film develops.

Why Seal Quartzite?

Sealing quartzite guards it against spills that may permanently stain the stone as well as prevent efflorescence. The quartzite sealant fills the pores of the quartzite to inhibit absorption of oils and pigmented solutions that can discolor the surface. In addition, the sealant prevents the evaporation of water from the stone, which can leave a white residue. Quartzite sealing simplifies cleaning and reduces the cost of maintenance. It can protect and enhance the color of the stone. Matte finish sealants are available to preserve the natural beauty of quartzite while those with a glossy finish can provide richer color and a radiant shine.

If you have a quartzite pool coping, it is especially important that you have it cleaned and sealed professionally. Regardless of whether your pool is chlorine or saltwater, both can have a detrimental affect on your quartzite pool decking. To maintain its color and prevent staining a professional grade sealant for pool copings should be applied after cleaning.

Professional Quartzite Cleaning & Maintenance

Quartzite is low maintenance and one of the most resilient stones available; however, proper care is required to preserve its natural beauty and ensure longevity. Spills should be dried immediately by blotting with a soft cloth before they can penetrate the surface. Quartzite cleaning is also a little tricky but an important step for maintenance. Use a pH balanced detergent to clean the surface. Avoid using cleansers containing bleach, ammonia, acid or alkalis. Do not leave metallic objects that are prone to rusting on the surface. Stains may be removed by making a paste consisting of flower, hydrogen peroxide and water. Spread the paste on the stain, allow it to dry, and remove by scraping with a wood or plastic spatula or credit card. Do not apply sealants that will not penetrate the stone.

To provide the best protection for your quartzite, it should be resealed every three or four years. The frequency may vary depending on the application and the types of chemical and physical stress the stone is subjected to. Texas Stone Sealers provides a four year warranty on matte finishes and a three year warranty on their glossy finish. If your quartzite requires resealing for any reason during the warranty period, they will reseal it once at no charge.

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