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Shasta California Quartz Pool Plaster by Ultimate Pool Remodeling Inc. 04If you’re in one of the many areas of Texas subject to ongoing drought restrictions, you may wonder whether you’ll ever be able to enjoy a carefree day splashing in your pool without fear of accelerating the evaporation process. Indeed, many homeowners are faced with regulations prohibiting them from adding any additional water to their pools — even if the water level has dropped so far that the pump can no longer effectively operate. Fortunately, there are many options in trending pool coping that can help you maintain your pool’s water levels, while also providing an appealing aesthetic.

Cantilevered coping 

This coping is designed in a way that allows it to effortlessly funnel water back into your pool. Combining a cantilevered edge with other water-preservation methods like an “invisible cover” (a pool additive that forms a harmless membrane) can help you enjoy your pool all year without stressing about your water usage.

Cantilevered coping has recently boomed in popularity due to its simple, streamlined design and efficiency at maintaining water levels. Nearly any coping material can be cut into a cantilevered pattern, but you’ll need to take extra care to regularly seal softer stones like flagstone to prevent erosion.

Light-reflective coping 

If you’ve ever gone into the Texas summer sun wearing a black shirt, you know how quickly this color can heat your body. Dark-colored stone has the same effect, and utilizing deep tones around your pool could accelerate evaporation by concentrating the sun’s rays in this area. On the other hand, using coping stones that are specifically designed and treated to reflect light can be a great way to help your pool stay (relatively) cool, and maintain its water level, even during the hottest times of year.

Light-colored or white flagstone, quartz-flecked tile, or even subway glass tiles are popular coping options that can be light-reflective. Alternatively, you can finish your existing coping stones with a reflective sealant that will help refract solar energy while protecting your coping from the potentially damaging effects of chlorine and sunlight.

Extra-wide coping

Sometimes, particularly for shallow pools that can invite a lot of splashing, the existing coping isn’t wide or angled enough to prevent water from exiting the pool. Investing in oversized stones or tiles can allow you to steepen the angle of the coping, improving your pool’s ability to retain water, without causing the perimeter of your pool to resemble a giant funnel.

Using natural flagstone for this extra-large coping can add aesthetic appeal and give your pool a rustic or unfinished look — the perfect complement to the Lone Star landscape. And as with other flagstone coping designs, having your coping sealed and treated is key to keeping it in top condition.

No matter what coping trend you go with, Texas Stone Sealers can help you maintain your investment with our patented cleaning and sealing solutions.  Contact us today for an estimate on keeping your Texas swimming pool coping in top notch shape!