Cross-Link Technology offers longer-lasting protection

Texas Stone Sealers uses only the most technologically advanced products for sealing stone. Our sister company, TSSPRO, produces the highly-durable sealants we use in our services. These sealants prevent water from penetrating your stone, so they last longer. Waterproofing and stain-proofing lengthen the life and attractiveness, but it also keeps bacteria and mold out of these areas that could cause damage later on in time.

Texas Stone Sealers’ sealants create a powerful barrier against moisture intrusion through cross-linking technology or . We developed these advanced proprietary sealants because we were tired of removing poor quality, underperforming sealants from our clients’ stone, brick, concrete, and other substrates. You will not find higher quality installations than those done by Texas Stone Sealers.

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What is Cross-Linking Technology?

Our sealants use cross-linking technology, but there is more to the story. Cross-linking is used in chemistry and occurs when a polymer chain links to other polymer chains, including the molecular chain of the stone. These nano-scale bonds are incredibly powerful. It is these bonds that create the matrix that resists moisture.

We are pleased to be able to provide the most advanced sealers available. The silicon-oxygen backbone chain that is formed in our sealers assures you the longest lasting sealants available anywhere. We trust our services and products so much we offer a 7-year warranty.

will prevent moisture from entering natural stone, concrete, masonry, grout, and brick. Beading water is often referred to as a test to determine if the sealer is working. However, the best test for a sealer is to pour water on the stone. If the stone darkens, then it has soaked into the stone, and you will need a reseal. If the stone is clear or stays the same color, then the sealer is continuing to work.

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Benefits of Cross-Linking Technology

There are numerous benefits to using a sealant that incorporates cross-linking technology. Firstly, it will make your stone, concrete, or flagstone look better than ever. Our sealants are capable of creating a brighter look for clients. A more polished look makes your driveway, patio, or pool coping stand out from your neighbors.

Because our sealants use , your stone or concrete will resist the effects of weathering and moisture. This resistance allows your stone to last longer. It is common for other sealants to claim they are the “best.” However, no other sealants can develop a long-lasting sealant similar to ours. Out clients find superior customer service and products at Texas Stone Sealers.

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The CLT Advantage

We have products our competition does not have. Two of our sealants prevent unsightly and unhealthy mold or algae from developing. You won’t have to spend more money to remove mold and algae from your stone. These features also help keep your stone from deteriorating over time.

Finally, you will save money by using our sealants. Other sealants will require you to strip it off and reseal every few years. Have peace of mind with Texas Stone Sealers, backed by our unbeatable 7-year warranty. Our sealants will save you money over time because you can keep an enhanced seal for longer. Do not settle for an inferior sealant.

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and Texas Stone Sealers

Cross-linking technology provides the optimal sealant available on the market. Your stone will look better, last longer, and you will save money. Those benefits prove is the way to go when it comes to selecting a sealant company. Get in touch with Texas Stone Sealers today to secure our sealing services. Give us a call at (888) 275-5354 or click around on our website to learn more.


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