Calcium and Efflorescence Removal from Stone, Brick & Concrete

When stone suffers from calcium and efflorescence buildup, it not only changes colors—affected by the white and powdery substances—but the stone can also experience early deterioration. Caused by an interaction of chemicals, calcium and efflorescence prevention and removal is key to maintaining the aesthetic beauty of your home’s exterior, stone patios, pool copings, and driveways as well as maintaining their longevity. This is why you need Texas Stone Sealers in Houston for timely limescale and calcium removal.

What is efflorescence?

 Take a look at the white substance surrounding the stone on the pool below. This is what calcium deposits from efflorescence look like.

Most people know what calcium deposits—which form the white substance known as limescale—are. Limescale forms as a result of the evaporation of water that contains calcium and magnesium, leaving the bicarbonates behind.

Efflorescence buildup, though, is a much less familiar problem. Efflorescence is created when certain soluble salts and other materials come in contact with certain building materials (most notably cement). Typically, the components that are most likely to lead to efflorescence buildup are potassium and sodium sulfates/hydroxides, carbon dioxide, and calcium carbonate. Efflorescence, like limescale, is typically white and is very noticeable on darker colored concretes, brick and stone.

Unique Stone Calcification and Efflorescence Removal Techniques: Soda Blasting

 At Houston’s Texas Stone Sealers, soda blasting is an effective technique we use (provided at an additional cost) to remove calcium and efflorescence deposits. Soda blasting has been used for years as a successful way to remove stubborn deposits, and has even been used to restore the Statue of Liberty. If stone calcification is not removed, it can damage stone over time causing serious erosion and discoloration.

The efflorescence and calcium removal process involves blasting sodium bicarbonate, using compressed air, at the surface. The technique is pH balanced, and gentle enough that it will not harm the stone or masonry. While the technique is ideal for stone, it can also be used on other suffering surfaces, including concrete driveways, patios, pavers, brickwork and home exteriors.

Sealing Your Surfaces to Protect from Calcium and Efflorescence Buildup

 Once you’ve removed calcium and efflorescence from your stone, concrete, pavers, or brick surfaces, it is essential that you take action to prevent future buildup from occurring. By using a specially formulate sealer, you can help to protect your outdoor surfaces from any type of buildup, as well as protection from natural elements and harsh chemicals. Texas Stone Sealers offers multiple sealers as part of our TSSPRO line – a consultation with one of our team members can help you to determine which sealer is right for your outdoor surface. Our variety of TSSPRO sealants are specifically formulated to seal natural stone, brick, pavers, concrete, and decks respectively.

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