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Stone countertops can define your kitchen remodel and evoke an array of clean, crisp, and earthen feelings. However, you need to take a few things into consideration when selecting stone countertops. If you have not had stone countertops previously, you need to think about marbling, weight support, size and seams, and other installation requirements, such as having the stone sealed.

Decide What Type of Stone You Want to Use, and Consider Marbling, If Applicable.

If you decide to use a marble slab for your kitchen remodel, consider the quality of the marbling, which refers to the depth and width of the veins. If you opt to use a different type of stone, such as granite or limestone, think about how the various cuts of the stone will enhance the appearance of your space.

Consider the possible colors of stone countertops as well. Many different fabricators offer stone samples that you can compare to the atmosphere of your home. If your kitchen walls are white or grey, you may want to select a similar color. If you have earthen-colored walls, you may want to select a warm color, such as gold, burgundy, brown, red, or a combination of these colors, for your stone countertops.

How Much Weight Support Will Your Countertops Need?

Granite, marble, and other stone countertops often have overhangs, which weight hundreds of pounds. Unfortunately, these overhangs make the stone more likely to break or become damaged. Make sure to have additional weight support brackets installed to prevent this problem. Also, your lower cabinets will need to support the overall weight of the stone countertop. If you notice any damage to the wood cabinetry, you may need to replace the affected sections before installing the countertops.

Determine the Size of the Needed Slab and the Location of Seams.

You may opt to have your stone cut in multiple sections. You must ensure the accuracy of your measurements, especially for single-section slabs. If you have many different countertops, you will need to take a measurement for each countertop’s location. This is an important consideration when thinking about adding a backsplash too. Think about the extra space, which is typically less than 0.5 inches, needed for the seams between adjoining sections.

Have the Stone Countertop Sealed.

Although stone countertops last longer than other surfaces, the stone will be subject to normal wear and tear. However, a stone sealant, cleaning, and polishing will help prevent premature fracturing, degradation, and fading of the stone.

Stone countertops help to improve the value and enhance the atmosphere of your home. However, you should not blindly decide to purchase a stone countertop. By following these steps, you can make sure you cover all of the requirements of selecting your stone countertop for your kitchen remodel. Failure to thoroughly consider each of these aspects will lead to disappointment and additional costs when repairing damaged stone countertops in the future.

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