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Houston is a very wet city. This is due to the fact that we live so close to the ocean, so not only do we experience regular high humidity levels, but we also experience frequent rain and flooding. This is without even mentioning our hurricane season! Generally, Houston is just very wet, and if you have outdoor stone or concrete fixtures, this could mean you are taking serious water damage. You need to know how to guard against Houston rain.

Why is water damage so serious? You may dismiss it as just what happens in the outdoors, and while it is certainly a very natural process, there are no benefits for your patio or pool. Water damage can actually lead to greater issues, such as mold infestation or crumbling, and you need to be able to protect against it.

The Possibilities of Water Damage

Water can do a lot of damage to your home. It can assist in the growth of mold, cause premature crumbling and cracking, and stain your stone with dirt and water rings. These issues can create a need for expensive renovations and professional removal. You should keep an eye out and learn how to guard against Houston rain.

Waterproof Sealant

Applying a proper waterproof sealant could make the difference between functionality and deterioration for your stone fixtures. We understand know what water damage can do, so using a sealant to prevent the worst of it is one of the best ideas you could have. We have several great options from TSSPro that could be your perfect fit.

TSSPro 700

This clear surface sealer is wonderful for preventing water entry. It’s also popular for stopping the advancement of microorganisms, such as mold and fungi, in their tracks, while also being a fire retardant. If you need something harder that can withstand the attack of salt water, this sealant is for you.

TSSPro 950

This sealant is the best for resisting stains and oil intervention. It can keep your deck or patio from becoming stained by anything it comes into contact with while outside. It has long-lasting protection that will not fail your home defense plan.

TSSPro 600

If you have weak porous stone, you need this stabilizing sealer. It will reach up to 10 inches deep into your stone and make it denser so that it can better resist water damage and all forms of weather.

Texas Stone Sealers

Texas Stone Sealers and TSSPro work in tandem to ensure you get the best cleaning, restoration, and sealing on your natural stone products. We can also work indoors on your countertops, wood, and showers! Our pressure washing and sealing services are unparalleled. We promise that you will never be disappointed with our services!

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