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Have you just had some new countertops installed in your home? You might be very excited about them, whether they are granite or wood, but you will need to keep something in mind. Do you need your countertops sealed? You see, your countertops will be used nearly every day, and you may use knives directly on the surface. Either way, their new look and sharp beauty will fade. You will need to professionally seal them so that they can last longer and resist stains and erosion.

Texas Stone Sealers can provide this service to you by using our great TSSPro sealants. We’ve created these products specifically to suit your needs. Let’s think about the ways that your countertops can be damaged when they are not sealed and how Texas Stone Sealers can help you.

Countertop Staining

Think about the stains your countertops could accumulate.

You probably prepare most, if not all, of your food on your countertops. This means that everything from raw meat to brightly colored berries to vegetables and spices could be staining your countertops. Think about the stains left behind by beet juice, or cayenne pepper, tomato sauce, and wine. You can also get yellow stains from bell peppers and sauces. Don’t take the chance. Your counters will look an entirely different color within weeks!

Acidity and Cleaning

Certain materials have weaknesses

Do you clean your countertops with bleach or vinegar? Are your countertops made of granite? You might not be aware of this, but granite is extremely sensitive to acidic and alkaline materials. This also includes soap, toothpaste, soap, wine, and carbonated drinks like soda. There are a lot of different reasons you could have any of these products on your counters, especially if it’s your bathroom counter in question! You need to think smart about the future of your countertops.

Restoration and Polishing

Think about how often you use a knife on your countertops, or maybe you place hot hair curlers or pots and pans on it. Regardless of whether it is your kitchen or bathroom, you will be unintentionally damaging your countertops every day. You may be seeing the results of months or years of use and be feeling like you wasted a huge investment. Don’t worry. We offer restorative services and can seal and polish it until it shines like new again. You won’t ever want to go back to having unsealed countertops again.

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Texas Stone Sealers can give you a free quote for your countertop cleaning, sealing, and restoration needs. These services can prevent mildew growth, staining, water penetration, and more! Tell us what your needs are and we can let you know the total cost beforehand.

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