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Do you have a deck or patio that needs restoration? Sometimes we forget about the smaller things in life, such as maintaining our outdoor fixtures. You may have realized that you are in dire need of stone restoration. Years’ worth of dirt, mud, water, and vegetation can turn your stone into a breeding ground for stains, water damage, and mold. Having a professional cleaning and sealing done could transform this piece of your home into something beautiful again. Texas Stone Sealers offers the best natural stone restoration in Texas. We can not only clean your stone, but we can ensure further stains and damage have a harder time of getting in with the help of our TSSPro products.

Do I Have Natural Stone?

If you have a deck or patio, you likely have natural stone fixtures. The reason behind this is that natural stone is a very popular material. It lasts long, looks beautiful, and is very versatile. You probably don’t think that your natural stone deck will go out of style anytime soon. If you have any of the stones listed below, you have natural stone in your yard.

  • Flagstone
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Slate
  • Pavers
  • Soap Stone
  • Coral
  • River Rock
  • and most similar kinds of stone like these.

While these stone materials may be outdoors where they are supposed to be, they still need maintenance, especially the more porous materials.

What Can Damage My Natural Stone?

Natural stone tends to be a very porous material. This means that all sorts of foreign invaders can ruin it. For example, Houston gets a lot of rainfall each year. Flooding is normal, humidity is high, and the outdoors rarely gets a break from moisture. This creates the perfect climate for mold to grow, since all it requires a moist and warm environment.

Water damage can do more than encourage the growth of mold. It can also cause premature erosion, such as crumbling and cracking, in the foundation of your deck or patio. You want to protect your investment as much as possible.

While dirt and mud may just seem like a symptom of being outside, they can aid in the deterioration of your natural stone through staining and moisture. You need to keep an eye on your stone fixtures and call us when it gets bad.

Texas Stone Restoration

If you contact Texas Stone Sealers, we can restore your natural stone to look almost new. We can also clean driveways, waterfalls, pool coping, and more! When we’re done, we can use our brilliant TSSPro sealing products to give your natural stone a glossy finish, stain protection, or even fortify its density.

Contact Us

Are you ready to have your natural stone cleaned and restored? Texas Stone Sealers is fully prepared to alter your outdoor fixtures for the better. If you call us at (888) 275-5354, we can talk to you about your needs and what we recommend. You can also fill out a contact form at this link. We can’t wait to hear from you!