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Stone sealant application shouldn’t be a part of your yearly spring cleaning ritual. Unfortunately, that may be the case if the contractor you hired has been using a low-quality product. You might have found a contractor with great rates for sealant application. However, you end up losing money if you have to call him back to re-seal your pool or walkway every year. Instead, call Texas Stone Sealers. We offer a five-year extended warranty on our stone sealant application. We’re confident that our sealant will last you years and years, because we made it that way.

Why Don’t Other Stone Sealants Last?

Everyone wants to save money. Unfortunately, many businesses capitalize on customers’ frugality by offering inferior products that cost less to manufacture. They formulate their sealants with chemicals that bond poorly to the stone or don’t bond at all. In the end, the customer or contractor is left with a diluted sealant. While you might pay less at the register or on your invoice, you’ll pay more over the long-term. Not only will you have to pay for constantly re-applications. You may also have to pay for repairs or restorations. A high-quality sealant might seem to cost more, but your annual savings is unmatched.

Texas Stone Sealants only uses the best sealant available, TSSPRO. We designed this product to last 3-5 years per application. That estimate applies even to do-it-yourself projects! If we apply the sealant, we’re confident that the application will last closer to 5-year mark. In fact, we’re so confident of this that we offer a five-year warranty on applications that we perform.

We don’t cover the work of other contractors. However, you can be sure that if TSSPRO is applied to your stone walkway, you’ll go longer between applications than ever before. That’s money that stays in your pocket every year. Our silica-dense sealants are built to last, no matter who applies them.

Contact Us Today For Service

As we mentioned before, anyone can apply TSSPRO. However, for the best results, you might want to call on the company who created the best sealant on the market. We can give you specific recommendations about which sealant to use for the type of stone you have. Additionally, we can apply different sealants for different areas of your home. We can apply our sealants indoors, outdoors, and in areas constantly submerged in water, such as your pool. We’ve applied our stone sealant in homes, businesses, and even hotel chains. For superior application using a superior product, call us today at (888) 275-5354 to schedule service or get an estimate.