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It can be quite difficult to identify the best stone sealant contractor to restore your patio, pool, or walkway. How can you be sure that the company you hire can really get the job done? Fortunately, you don’t have to know much about sealant to find the best company for the job. You really only need to ask the contractor one question:

“What brand of stone sealant do you use?”

Of course, the best answer to that question is TSSPRO Stone Sealant. If your contractor uses TSSPRO, and just as importantly, knows how to use it, you can be sure of a job well done. The reason the product is more important than the service is that you can actually apply TSSPRO yourself. On the other hand, even the most skilled professional can only do so much with a sub-standard product. A great application or a cheap estimate isn’t worth much if the sealant wears off less than a year after application.

TSSPRO is constructed to last 3-5 years after application. When you hire Texas Stone Sealers to apply TSSPRO, we offer a 5-year extended warranty. The longevity of TSSPRO is unmatched. Couple our long-lasting product with our professional installation for even greater results.

What Makes TSSPRO Great

Our product is a high-quality, silica-dense sealing solution. You can apply our sealants to a variety of stones and locations. From kitchen countertops to pool tiles, TSSPRO has you covered—literally. Different TSSPRO sealants bring out different qualities in the material. For example, our stain-repellant TSS 550 is ideal for your kitchen. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll pair your stone with the perfect TSSPRO sealant. Not only will your sealant last much longer, but you can also be confident that we’ve applied the best sealant available for the material.

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Skip the yearly sealant reapplication. Call Texas Stone Sealant for an application that can last at least five years. We proudly perform sealant applications in over 80 cities in Texas and can ship our TSSPRO sealants anywhere in the United States. Texas Stone Sealers is the company who made the best sealant on the market, TSSPRO. Call us today at (888) 275-5354 or contact us online for an estimate or schedule service online if you want your next sealant application to last.