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Whether you’re due for a new stone sealant application, are getting a sealant application for the first time, or want to make your unsealed stone look new again, you need a high-quality stone cleaner. Otherwise, the sealant application will wear prematurely, or worse, fail to protect your stone from the elements. Fortunately, Texas Stone Sealers only uses the best stone cleaners and sealants on the market. How can we be so sure? Because we’re the company that made the products.

After 20 years in the stone cleaning and sealing business, we grew tired of using and removing inferior products from stone, tiles, and pools. In 2015, we began developing products that would make both our business and your interior and exterior stone look good. Our TSSPRO line of products is free of the filler junk that dilutes most of the cheaper products on the market. As a result, our jobs last longer and protect stone much more than many property-owners ever thought possible.

Why A Top-Notch Cleaner Is Important

For the best shot a perfect sealant application that lasts up to 5 years or more, you’ll want to start with a clean slate—pun intended! We use a highly concentrated cleaner, our TSSPRO 10C, to ensure the deepest clean of your untreated stone and masonry. Our product effortlessly removes buildup caused by hard water, rust, limestone, and more. Additionally, our cleanser can eliminate food, oil, and grease stains from interior tile or concrete. Once the stone is clean, we can be sure that our silica-dense sealant will stick your stone for years.

Even if you don’t intend to have your stone sealed any time soon, a cleaning can increase the curb appeal or the interior attractiveness of your home. Don’t waste time with weak cleaning solutions when you can call us to perform the deep clean your stone and tile deserves. Our cleaners will remove unappealing blemishes, and following up with our TSSPRO 15N neutralizer can prevent future messes from sticking to the stone.

Clean brick is beautiful brick!

Call Us Today For A Cleaning!

Texas Stone Sealers provides professional cleaning, sealing, and restoration of stone, tile, and masonry for a wide range of materials. More importantly, we stand by the work that we do and the products we use. Call us at (888) 275-5354 or request a quote online if you’re ready to see a difference in the appearance of your stone.