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When it comes to getting the right sealant for your job, you want to go all out. There is simply too much at risk for you to chance a cheaper sealant. The results will be impossible to compare. You’ll also want the best service to go along with it. In today’s blog post we will go in-depth on all of the best aspects of our services and why it will pair excellently with our sealants. We want to showcase not only the diversity of our services but also the efficiency and ergonomic the products that we offer you as well. Together, we can take your project to the next level!

Keep your pool and patio looking beautiful as ever with our help!

Our Cleaning Services

We have an excellent crew of stone cleaners and sealers who have had years of professional experience. They can come and work on your homes, commercial properties, and large scale community jobs. They are also vendors for property management companies and homeowners associations who opt to use our excellent services for their projects and neighborhoods.

Texas Stone Sealers can work on your pools, your patios, even your driveways, and countertops. Our Sealants are going to be present in all sorts of areas that you may not even know. Our consultation services will also help you confirm exactly what you need to do for your goals and we’ll get you the quality you need to ensure it gets done right.

Our jobs mainly consist of cleaning grout, sealing, and also power washing as well. We can help remove calcium deposits and any build up of mold or mildew that may arise. These are just a few of the amazing options our versatile team provides!

When you match our excellent service with the high-quality sealants that we mix, you will find that your project is done right and protected for years to come. That’s just luxury that Texas Stone Sealers offers. If you think you might need help with your next project, you can see more of our services here.

We offer unique sealants made for specific requirements!

More About The Sealants We Offer At Texas Stone Sealers

All of the best features that you can get in sealants are going to be implemented into ours. You can consider us as an artisan boutique for sealants. We have a huge variety of different kinds that offer unique benefits for all kinds of situations. This can consist of high-performance¬†protection against saltwater damage. Which many might take up for their pools or their coastal living conditions. When it comes to the erosion that the ocean and saltwater in general produce, you’ll want to make sure the sealant you selected will be able to handle the wear.

We also have options for natural stone surfaces around saltwater pools, too. These will offer protection against water-based stains and are even made with a water-based formula so there are no negative reactions between the substrate and the sealant when you’re applying it.

In the production, we use organic ingredients that will help preserve the natural look and texture of your stones, which can keep your patio or pool looking gorgeous for a long, long time. When we speak of long, we mean 3-5 years for every application. This is not going to be your average sealant that falls apart in a matter of months. If you pay a premium for our sealant, then you will get every penny’s worth in quality. Click here if you want to find out more. We look forward to working with you!