With summer quickly approaching, trends and style ideas for outdoor living and patios for 2015 are springing up. While the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo won’t be held until March of 2015, here’s a list of some top trends from 2014 that are expected to make an appearance again at this year’s expo, as well as some new trends that homeowners may anticipate.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces have been a hot trend for the past couple years, and aren’t expected to lose any steam for 2015. Typically gas burning, these fireplaces are loveliest when constructed in the center of a stone patio. Providing warmth, comfort, and gorgeous ambiance during all months of the year, an outdoor patio gas fireplace can also add value to a home, and is much more convenient – and environmentally friendly – than the traditional wood burning pit.

Simple Water Features

Water features aren’t just pretty; they also can provide tranquility and calmness to an outdoor space, and add a unique sense of beauty. For 2015, expect to see a wide range of different outdoor water structures, ranging from pools to ponds, with one thing in common: simplicity. Whether it’s an infinity pool or a serene koi pond, water features and patio living go hand-in-hand. When building an outdoor water feature that’s surrounded by stone, though, choosing high-quality building materials that are sealed to be protected against harsh chemicals and moisture is a must.

Patio Grills and Kitchens

For those who love to fire up the grill in the summer and host parties, an outdoor kitchen or built-in patio grill can be a major time saver, and an attractive addition to an outdoor living space. Outdoor kitchens can come fully equipped with a grill, oven, refrigerator, and even stovetop for all outdoor entertaining needs. And, when built with a high quality stone that smoothly blends into an existing patio, the final product can have a seamless and natural appearance that’s hard to not fall in love with.

Low Maintenance Landscaping

A decade ago, complex and intricate landscaping plans were in fashion. Today, however, low maintenance landscaping has become a must for many homeowners. Rain gardens, xeriscaping, and fruit and vegetable gardens have become more popular, with more spacious patios taking up the majority of the yard, complemented by plant life. Some homeowners have even designed herb gardens and mini vegetable gardens within patios, creating a unique space that provides easy access to fresh eating ingredients, as well as creative design.

Keep an Eye Out for More 2015 Patio Design Trends

Low maintenance landscaping, simple water features, outdoor fireplaces, and built in grills and patio kitchens should reemerge as top design trends for 2015. However, more interesting and innovative patio ideas should be unveiled during the upcoming year as well. For help designing the perfect outdoor living area, the professional services of the team at Texas Stone Sealers is a must.