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As people begin to daydream about summer – the barbecues, the time spent at the pool, the hot sunshine – they tend to forget that while summer is one of the most amazing times of the year, it can be one of the hardest for natural stone patios with spills, pool chemicals, and UV rays taking their toll.

The best time of year to seal outdoor stone surfaces is spring or fall. This is because the temperatures are more moderate, so the sealant can cure properly. Sealing in spring is ideal for new stone work because it will protect the stone through the summer’s harsh environmental conditions.

To help keep a natural stone patio protected during the warm months, investing in sealing now is a worthwhile endeavor. While the best time to seal is right after installation, most natural stone patios need to be sealed every three to four years (with some exceptions to this). If a sealant is approaching its expiration date, the professionals at Texas Stone Sealers are ready to help.

The Benefits of Sealing Before Summer

If there is any outdoor water – such as a saltwater pond or a swimming pool – surrounding a natural stone patio, sealing the patio is of particular importance. Salt, chlorine, and moisture can all be incredibly detrimental to a stone patio, and cause premature deterioration of the stone. When the stone is sandstone, travertine, limestone, or another soft and porous natural stone, the stone is at an even greater risk of early wear.

Stonework and stone patios are susceptible to damage from various environmental factors when installed outdoors. Read more about the environmental factors that affect stone here.

In addition to risk of harsh chemicals from the pool, a natural stone patio is also at a risk of being exposed to acids and sugars – both of which can slowly eat away at stone – if spills of beverages occur. Soda, juice, and other drinks can cause natural stone patios to stain and decay.

What’s more, because most natural stone patios are porous in nature, they are at-risk of heat retention. Sealing a patio offers valuable protection from the sun, as well as all of the liquids mentioned above.

How to Chose a Natural Stone Sealing Company

Deciding who will be in charge of a natural stone sealing is an important decision. Factors that should be considered include the reliability of the company, the cost, and the warranty on their sealant – while some companies only offer a two-year guarantee on their stone sealing, others, like Texas Stone Sealers, offer a guaranteed four-year warranty on their matte/natural finish. A company that can be turned to again and again for a variety of natural stone patio needs, like restoration, enhancement, and pressure washing is also a valuable characteristic.

Maintenance is the Most Important Factor for Patio Longevity

Once stains and deterioration occur on a patio, restoration can be an expensive feat. To protect a natural stone patio from harsh elements and chemicals, it’s important that the patio is sealed as soon as possible. Once a patio has been sealed, other types of maintenance, such as regular cleanings, are very easy. Don’t wait until damage has already occurred to take action – seal an outdoor stone patio now before summer is here. The professionals at Texas Stone Sealers can be reached today for a free estimate at (713) 429-0469.