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Limestone before and after

Texas Stone Sealers is a company giving you the premiere clean for your flooring, deck, walls, and patio issues. Limestone, though commonly used for decorative purposes, can easily scratch. In fact, four common problems when using limestone are weathering, erosion, staining, and crumbling. Limestone is a rock prone to all of these effects and needs attention due to the potential problems it can cause. Luckily for you, we specialize in cleaning and sealing of sandstone and limestone structures.

For example, let’s say you have a recreational structure made of limestone, such as your pool. When it rains, the water can get acidic due to the carbonic acid it contains. When exposed, you can see marks of weathering on it. One of the minerals found in limestone is calcium carbonate. Unfortunately, calcium carbonate reacts to rainwater. This deterioration is also a problem when your house or building has limestone walls. However, Texas Stone Sealers provide sealers to assist you with this issue.

Sealers create a water-proof barrier, allowing your structure to last longer. Therefore, if you have limestone, the look and feel of it can be preserved while enjoying your pool or scenery to your heart’s content. Let’s not forget about erosion. Erosion is something that happens naturally over time that can also be caused by weathering. Another reason for decay are airborne abrasives, which are carried by wind. Our sealants are proven quality that will protect your limestone assets to a tee. Our sealers withstand the harshest conditions while providing a sheen look.

How to Fix Your Limestone From Issues

The discoloration of limestone also poses an issue, which is also known as staining. For example, different types of organic and inorganic oils can absorb into limestone, causing it to stain. Also, natural products can cause it to stain like tea or coffee; not to mention bird droppings. Therefore, you must protect your limestone material with a sealant. Cleaning your limestone with agents not appropriate for its composition, can end up also deteriorating the limestone. Let us do our best to assist your needs.

Texas Stone Sealers

Texas Stone Sealers

Last but not least, the problem which can be the most crucial is crumbling. As mentioned before, limestone already has a brittle composition to begin with. Due to its structure, it can break-up or dissolve quite easily. It is an inherent weakness which can be tricky to get around. Fortunately, our line up of stone, tile, and concrete sealers have proven to be top of the line when handling such issues. For example, products we have, such as our TSSPRO 200, protects against weatherproofing for porous stone such as limestone.

Texas Stone Sealers has many sealants, cleaners, and other products readily available. We are open Monday through Sunday around the clock for your sealant needs. We can be found on 5444 Westheimer Road Suite 1000 in Houston, TX 77056. You can also visit our site to view our product line! If you’d like to reach us by phone, call (888) 958-0556. We’re more than happy to help you with your common limestone issues.