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Before and After Texas Stone Sealers

Restoring damaged stone is our specialty. After removing your stone of stains such as mold and mildew, we add a coat of our TSSPRO product as a sealer to preserve its structure. Our sealants are revolutionary. Our products can be used on patios, decks, walkways, driveways, floors, showers, landscapes, around swimming pools, and more! Sealants are designed to provide an extra layer of coating to your concrete, masonry, limestone, etc. to extend its likeness. TSSPRO packs we have don’t disappoint as we continue to provide customers top-quality products.

For example, our TSS PRO10 Cleanser Descaler is a cleaner that is fast-acting and gets the job done. On surfaces that have rust, lime, hard water, efflorescence, oil, algae, dirt, and other stains, it will eliminate. Our cleaner penetrates below the surface and lifts dirt from cement or limestone substrates. The TSSPRO10 is also versatile for interior or exterior use. Cleaning stone yourself with regular water and soap is an essential application that can harm your natural stone. When you use a water-based application, for instance, limestone can absorb it, leaving stains.

You may also make the mistake of using a cleaning agent which contains alcohol, citrus, and vinegar. All of these elements contain an acidic compound. Therefore, it can be corrosive to natural stone. This circumstance can end up harming your stone more than aiding it. Plus, spills can cause natural stone to deteriorate over time. If you call a stone retailer such as Texas Stone Sealers, we will take clean your natural stone and protect it for future use. A lot of elements can cause your stone to damage. The last thing you want is to damage your aesthetic design.

Texas Stone Sealers Takes Care of Your Stone

We take great care in providing you with top-quality products and service. Our before and after pictures speak for themselves. Call us at (888) 958-0556 if you’d like to hear more about us. We are open twenty-four hours and seven

We clean Natural Stone Structures

days a week to ensure we are giving you our optimal service. You can also check us out online. Let Texas Stone Sealers aid you in restoring damaged stone!