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travertine sealer San Antonio TX

Texas Stone Sealers can use our travertine sealer San Antonio, TX to increase your floor’s slip resistance!

Texas Stone Sealers offers incredible travertine sealer San Antonio, TX services you won’t want to do without! Our travertine sealing services are top-notch and will leave your outdoor surface looking clean, shiny, brilliant, and better than ever. If your travertine surfaces are looking a little worse for wear, don’t hesitate to call us today!

Texas Stone Sealers is a premier stone sealing company that you can trust. We have many years of experience applying and removing sealants from our clients’ outdoor surfaces. We seal a wide variety of surfaces, including Lueders limestone, sandstone, paver stone, concrete, and much more.

Our company comes highly recommended for its high-quality services and sealants. In fact, we were so tired of having to remove cheap, ineffective sealants from our clients’ outdoor surfaces that we developed our own line of sealants through our sister company. Our sealants are specially designed with Nano Cross-Linking Technology that is proven to resist moisture, providing long-lasting protection to your surfaces.

We service your driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, and more. So what are you waiting for? Contact our stellar team today to get started or drop by our San Antonio office location.

We are industry leaders in sealing, providing waterproof protection for your travertine needs. We leave no stone unsealed, so hire our travertine sealer San Antonio, TX service today!

Get Amazing Travertine Sealer San Antonio, TX Services With Us!

Travertine is an incredible outdoor surface also known as Austin stone. It’s a beautiful material for pool coping decks in particular, as well as landscaping and patios. Travertine is a naturally-occurring limestone with a beige color – however, it can occur naturally as a white, cream, and a burnt sienna color. It is a sedimentary and porous rock type with its own set of vulnerabilities you should keep an eye out for.

However beautiful travertine undoubtedly is as a surface, cleaning it can often be tricky. In short, it is especially vulnerable to acidic liquids and materials, ranging from soft drinks and juice to chemical cleaners. Pool chlorine can also degrade it further, and of course, it is often used for pool decks. Moreover, travertine is often easy to scratch, so heavy patio and pool furniture can leave unsightly scratches on its surface.

In addition, like most stones, travertine is vulnerable to dirt, salt, and mold and mildew, the latter of which can present grave health hazards. To retain the integrity of your travertine, you will need to ensure that it be kept sealed and protected against water erosion, efflorescence, and other types of degradation.

Texas Stone Sealers has the expertise and experience of sealing all kinds of stone surfaces. We can help you seal your travertine through our expert services. Travertine is a delicate material, so hiring a professional sealing service like ours is highly recommended if you wish to see positive results. We can leave your travertine looking more beautiful, clean, and stain and scratch-free than ever before.

travertine sealer San Antonio, TX

Looking to protect your stone surface with a travertine sealer? Call Texas Stone Sealers.

Protect Your Travertine With Our Travertine Sealer

There are many ways in which you can care for your travertine surfaces and prevent the worst of damage from occurring. Sweep and mop every spill made on your travertine immediately to prevent staining, and use only a soft sponge or cloth. Avoid harsh or abrasive cleaners and opt for water or a mild stone cleaner instead.

But above all, hire Texas Stone Sealers to seal your travertine. Sealing your travertine will help protect it from spills, harsh chemicals, scratches, salt, and chlorine. Our travertine sealer can help your surfaces retain their appearance and preserve their beauty and integrity.

Fortunately, sealing is a quick and easy process. Our experienced team comes in and cleans your travertine first with pressure washing, washing off any dirt, debris, or mold and mildew growing on your travertine if necessary.

Also, if need be, we offer calcium and efflorescence removal services if your stone surfaces have developed some. Efflorescence presents as white streaks on your stone surface, created when soluble salts and other materials come into contact with building materials. To remove it, we use soda blasting, a time-honored method used to restore old stones.

Next, we check to see if there are any previous sealants to remove from the stone. Stripping old sealants is not for amateurs; an inexpert stripping could wind up damaging the stone itself. Finally, we apply one of our travertine sealants, which is guaranteed to provide your travertine with the protection it needs.

Our sealants are easy to apply, human and pet-friendly, and especially perfect for DIY projects. However, to take advantage of sealing services that can’t be beat, contacting Texas Stone Sealers is the way to go.

travertine sealer San Antonio TX

Protect your stone surfaces by calling our travertine sealer experts.

We Leave No Stone Unsealed, So Call Texas Stone Stealers Today!

When it comes to a travertine sealer that can protect your travertine from the ravages of time and the elements, there is no better travertine sealer than ours. We design our sealants with advanced Nano Cross-Linking Technology that will leave your travertine looking better than ever. Nano CLT provides waterproof protection with a silicone-oxygen backbone chain and nano-scale bonds that prevent moisture from penetrating the stone.

And with Texas Stone Sealers’ expert team and satisfied customers, you can be assured that our sealants and sealing services can help restore your travertine back to its former glory. Our great reviews and excellent customer service give testament to our commitment to the high quality of our sealing services.

Our sealers are long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Unlike our competitors, our sealants don’t yellow and flake off over time but provide constant protection. So confident are we in the quality of our sealants that we provide a five-year guarantee for our sealants.

So don’t wait until your travertine falls apart! Contact Texas Stone Sealers today or visit our office location! You won’t regret hiring the best travertine sealer San Antonio, TX service in town!

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