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When your travertine has aged past its original luster and extravagance, a proper travertine restoration service can bring its youth back. Also known as Austin stone, travertine is a naturally occurring limestone that often forms around mineral springs, usually hot springs. While commonly found in tan or beige, it can also appear in a beautiful white, cream, or burnt sienna color. This natural stone makes for the perfect pool coping, poolside walkways, or any outdoor space.

Travertine Restoration - Is It Worth It?

Proper travertine restoration services can bring back your stone surfaces’ inner shine.

Travertine Restoration – Yes or No?

Travertine surfaces are cheaper but have about the same durability as marble surfaces. They can also complete almost any outdoor space with their natural colors. Of course, travertine has its downsides.

If they’re not sealed properly the first time, you’ll see signs of wear and tear. Like any natural stone, travertine is porous, so it’s susceptible to extensive water-based damage, including stains, acids, and general weathering. Eventually, no one will believe your stone surfaces were once beautiful travertine. Instead, you have a stain-riddled stone surface that looks like you pulled it out of a ditch.

So, would you take the chance if we told you that there’s a way to restore your travertine surfaces’ original appearance? Although your travertine might be worse for wear, there’s still a way to restore its original color and design. Texas Stone Sealers has a team of professional stone sealers and restorers that can ensure your travertine is pristine and clean again.

Let’s Get Un-Cracking – Leave No Stone Unsealed (& Uncleaned)!

Travertine Restoration - Is It Worth It?

Let us seal your travertine surfaces to maintain their appearance before they start chipping and flaking again!

The first step to restoring any stone surface is to clean it thoroughly. Texas Stone Sealers can pressure wash the excess dirt, leaves, and whatever else plagues the surface of your travertine. Pressure washing won’t remove all the problems, but it will strip the first layer, allowing us to see what other damage was left unchecked beneath the mud and dirt.

Next, we’ll scour for any signs of damage that needs to be fixed. Cracks, chips, efflorescence buildup, mold and mildew, and stains can mar and ruin your travertine surfaces’ natural color and design. For proper travertine restoration, we can arrange to remove efflorescence, mold, and mildew. We can also arrange for the repairs of any chips or cracks detrimental to your travertine’s overall structure and integrity.

Once your travertine restoration is complete, you’ll be able to see its original appearance. However, if you leave it alone, it’ll gradually be reduced to only a semblance of itself again. That’s why Texas Stone Sealers recommends sealing the stone as soon as it’s clean again.

Sealing your stone will protect it from the elements while also preventing all the issues that would plague your travertine surfaces. It will also keep your travertine in its perfect state for longer while also making it easier to clean! That’s why you should leave no stone unsealed!

Texas Stone Sealers can restore and clean your travertine surfaces. Don’t let it rot beneath the elements, and call one of our teams to show you what a proper travertine restoration looks like. We have locations throughout Texas, so you don’t have to let your travertine go with our travertine restoration services.