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Whether you need a topical or preventative sealant is a question that often goes unasked. However, taking note of the particular type of sealant you intend to use can help you predict its performance. There’s a big difference between topical and penetrative sealants. If you confuse the two, you run the risk of ending up with an insufficient sealant application. On the other hand, choosing the best type of sealant for the job will pay off tremendously.

Texas Stone Sealers uses both topical and penetrative sealants, depending on the project. In fact, we even have high-grade sealants that perform both functions. Keep reading below to learn the differences. If ever in doubt, give us a call.

Penetrative Sealants

Penetrative sealants lend a hydrophobic, or ideally, a superhydrophobic quality to stone to which they are applied. This causes water and other liquids to bead up on the surface instead of seeping into the stone’s pores. As a result, the stone is much easier to clean, and wears down much less, if at all, over time. The primary function of a penetrative sealant is to protect the stone. This in itself can enhance the appearance of the stone, but that’s just an attractive upside. The sealants that we use can protect your stone from corrosion, mold, and more for several years.

Topical Sealants

Topical sealants form a film on the top of the stone. As you might imagine, scratches and even some moisture can reduce the effectiveness of this type of sealants. Low-quality topical sealants offer the least in terms of protection. A high-quality sealant, however, can offer at least some protection, even if designed for topical use. In either case, these kinds of sealants are designed to alter the appearance of the natural stone. Depending on the type you choose, can end up with a more matte finish, or more sheen.

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Which Should You Choose?

If your stone is naturally less porous and doesn’t have any existing damage or corrosion, a topical sealant may suit your needs. It provides a slight additional layer of grime-resistance. At the same time, it gives you the option to customize the appearance of your stone even more. Texas Stone Sealers has a range of exceptional sealants that can give your interior and exterior stone the precise finish you would like.

If your stone will be exposed to a lot of wear and weathering, consider a penetrative sealant. The silica-dense sealants we use, paired with our precise cleaning and professional application, can help you protect your stone for at least half a decade—and we offer a warranty for just as long.

If you want the best of both worlds, we also have a doubly-effective sealant that has both topical and penetrative properties. The moral of the story is, call Texas Stone Sealers at (888) 275-5354 for your next sealant application. We’ll help you choose the best sealant for the type of stone you have inside or outside your home.