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Are you interested in the benefits of pressure washing? It may not be a service you have ever considered before. Pressure washing is when a high-powered hose is used to spray an exterior surface clean, such as a driveway or roof. In Houston, we often accumulate debris around our home, due to the heavy amount of wind and rain we receive. We even have a notorious hurricane season, which can lead to some nasty results. Let’s take a look at the benefits of pressure washing, the reasons you may be seeking it, and how Texas Stone Sealers can help.

Before we proceed, we should tell you what our goal is. At Texas Stone Sealers, we want to ensure your driveway, for example, is as clean as possible. We have a variety of the best cleaning solutions to get the best results. Sometimes substances like oils may not be able to be removed completely, but we will do our best to eliminate as many stains as we can.

Now, let’s move on!

The Benefits of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a process that involves the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and high-pressure water to remove all dirt, grime, debris, and stains from your chosen surfaces. Overall, pressure washing is meant to improve the appearance and functionality of the surface it is performed on. Texas Stone Sealers provides a variety of residential pressure washing services to Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas areas. We also provide commercial pressure washing.

If you are part of a home owner’s association, they may require you keep your driveway clean like below. This ensures that your home appears the cleanest it possibly can. Furthermore, this service is beneficial before you paint your home. If dirt gets trapped underneath your paint, it may prematurely crumble or bubble. You want your home looking its best.

The Pressure Washing Services We Provide

  • Driveway, garage floor, and sidewalk cleaning
  • Exterior home, such as siding,  masonry, brick, and stone
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Fence and deck cleaning
  • Chimney pressure washing
  • Commercial pressure washing

Why Do I Need This?

As suggested earlier,  it may be required by your HOA or you simply have a very dirty surface that is unsightly. We promise that facing this issue head-on and letting us take care of it will save you the headache. You know what your home needs, and if that’s a nice hot shower provided by us, don’t hesitate. You can contact us here to schedule your service.

If you’re not looking for pressure washing services, we offer much more than that. At Texas Stone Sealers, we perform:

  • Natural stone restoration
  • Stone cleaning and sealing
  • Outdoor concrete sealing
  • Countertop sealing
  • Pool coping
  • Mastic joints
  • and we provide the best of the best, TSSPro Sealants!

How Can I Get Started?

Texas Stone Sealers offers pressure washing services for your home or business.

We have many offices in several great cities around the U.S., such as Fresno, Portland, and Missouri City. However, their Houston office is located at 1001 Texas Avenue, Suite 1400, Houston, TX, 77002. You can call them at (713) 429-0469 or visit their website here. 

Now you know the benefits of pressure washing, so call us today!