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Do you want to show off your amazing backyard oasis? Stone is often found around pool coping decks. There is an array of natural stone that is popular for indoor flooring. Stone like travertine is a popular choice among homeowners for outdoor needs. This type of stone has been known to be used indoors for fireplaces and accent walls. Corpus Christi Tx sealing travertine can help you with travertine since this stone has its vulnerabilities.

Stone Sealing and Cleaning ServicesAre you a fan of slate? Slate is made up of many components. The minerals quartz, muscovite, chlorite, hematite, pyrite, and biotite all make up this natural stone. Slate is a metamorphic rock because it is from clay or volcanic ash. You will find this natural stone in countertops, patio tiles, and roofing. That is why we encourage you to hire Corpus Christi Tx sealing travertine.

Protect Your Slate

Limestone and travertine are not as durable as the slate is when it comes to common patio tiles. Minor spills will not harm slate. While slate is more durable than other common types of stone, that does not mean it is above damage. If you have someone come out and try to clean your slate with a pressure of anything above 800 psi, deterioration will be evident.  If you are going to move furniture around on your slate, you want to make sure you have furniture movers under each leg. To prevent damage, you must get Corpus Christi Tx sealing travertine to come out and put sealant on.

There is a process of cleaning the slate. First, you want to sweep up the loose dirt and debris. Second, you want to use a low-pressure cleaner or a soft sponge. Wipe down the slate and remove any dirt. You want to prevent stains on this fragile type of stone. In order to prevent stains, Corpus Christi Tx sealing travertine can use a protective cover. Prevention is key when it comes to protecting your natural stone.

Indoor & Outdoor Slate

If you have natural stone outdoors there is a specific sealant just for that area. If you have slate indoors, there is a different kind of sealant we use for that location. It all depends on what kind of damaging exposure your slate gets. You need a professional for your Corpus Christi Tx sealing travertine no matter where it is. You can choose between a glossy or a matte finish. Matte finish sealants preserve the natural beauty of the stone. Glossy finishes will provide richer color and radiant shine.

Evening on a patio in a tranquil garden

We carry a natural stone sealant finish with a four-year guarantee. The enhanced glossy finish comes with a three-year written guarantee. If for any reason there is a problem Corpus Christi Tx sealing travertine we will come back out for an evaluation. Once the sealant goes on, you will only use soap and water to maintain that beautiful look.

Protection is Key for Stone

After you have gone to the trouble of having a natural stone put indoors and outdoors, you now want to protect it. The last thing you want is to experience erosion problems. Outdoor slate sits in UV rays, rain, saltwater, chlorine, and other elements. You need Corpus Christi Tx sealing travertine as a form of damage control. This is one solid way to make sure that your expensive slate is kept looking new.

Texas Stone Sealers is the leader in natural stone restoration with a specialization in sealing natural stone decks, concrete patios and swimming pool copings. If flagstone, natural stone or even concrete does not have a sealant, it can rapidly deteriorate. You want to make sure that the professionals at Corpus Christi Tx sealing travertine do the job which they will.

Pressure Washing Services from Texas Stone Sealers

Before a sealant is put on, the stone needs to be super clean. Texas Stone’s power washing services will enhance the look of your home outdoors. The way to make your brick, stone, concrete or other hard surface look amazing is to hire Corpus Christi Tx sealing travertine.

Our stone cleaners will remove calcification and other stone growths and abrasions to ensure even and study the application of the sealant. If you have some damaged stone, you might need additional treatment such as Gentle Soda Blasting. If you are the DIY (do it yourself) type then make sure you check out our Corpus Christi Tx sealing travertine website by clicking here. We have some amazing sealants for purchase.

Stone Sealing

If you take on this project, you have your choice between TSSPRO or Rocksteel sealers for your project. These are the best performing stone sealers and stone cleaner you will be able to find on the market. These two have the highest silicone content. We are happy to report that our clients from Houston to Corpus Christie are talking about these name brand sealants. These products are so outstanding that we offer warranties up to five years following the application of the Corpus Christi Tx sealing travertine products.

Contact Us Today!

You can count on us to help you with your stone needs. We have over two decades of experience in the stone cleaning and sealing business. Our Corpus Christi Tx sealing travertine team has developed our own proprietary blend of TSSPRO sealant four years ago. You can buy our high-quality sealant at a lower price than many of the big-name professional sealants.

There is a guarantee that comes with our products. Be sure to also ask about our paver sealer services. You can order it online by checking out our website. If you want to come by, we are located at 710 Buffalo Suite 802 Corpus Christie Texas 78401. Feel free to give us a call at 361-356-4464. We look forward to meeting you!

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