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Slate is a strong stone that residential and commercial property owners have come to love. Slate provides a look of luxury and wealth. As a result, it is one of the most favorite stone choices for both indoor and outdoor needs. Unlike Flagstone cleaning Fort Worth Tx, the slate comes from clay or volcanic ash and is considered a metamorphic rock that is characterized by its perpendicular planes and harsh angles, known as stone cleavage.

Slate is more durable than other common tiles like limestone or Flagstone cleaning Fort Worth Tx. All slate is stain-resistant. However, it is not difficult to scratch slate. If you decide to have your slate pressure washed, the pressure needs to stay above 800 PSI. Anything stronger and deterioration will be obvious. Slate can be damaged by dragging furniture across it. Moreover, if your slate is exposed to salt from ponds or chlorine from pools, you can expect damage. Caring for your slate will allow this beautiful element to last. Prevent stains on your slate by scheduling regular maintenance.

Sealant Written Sealant

Slate and Flagstone cleaning Fort Worth Tx will last if you protect it with a good sealant. Not just any sealant should be chosen for your slate. The choice extends to an enhanced sheen or glossy finish or more of a natural-looking finish. A professional should help you when it comes time to decide which sealant to use on your slate. We have a natural stone sealant finish that comes with a 4-year guarantee and then glossy finish comes with a 3-year written guarantee. If for any reason the sealant on your slate stone needs attention, we will come out to your residence or commercial place of business and re-seal it one time.

Are you looking for a way to keep your outdoor pool area or deck cleaner? Flagstone cleaning Fort Worth Tx can help you with making any home look the part. The decking that surrounds your pool is coping. This is a vital part of any in-ground pool. This perimeter does take a beating from constant exposure to water or harsh chemicals. In the Texas climate, it is important that you seal your pool’s coping to avoid further destruction.

Grit Sealant Additive

Pool decking is the surface in which people use to pull themselves out of the pool. This is also a handle for beginner swimmers. Flagstone cleaning Fort Worth Tx sealer needs to address obvious safety concerns. There should be a non-slip resistance without scratching swimmers. Texas Stone Sealers can provide a sealant your pool is sure to benefit from. We highly recommend a grit sealant additive like TSS SG-100 to prevent a slick environment around your pool.

Outdoor pools and landscaping are costly and the last thing you want to do is replace it. Flagstone cleaning Fort Worth Tx endure a beating from harsh chemicals like chlorine. Texas Stone Sealers have cleaning solutions for any kind of stone or surface that makes up your Corpus Christi Tx slate sealing. A wide range of materials can make up the coping around your pool or hot tub. These require different sealants to see professional results. Allow the experts at Texas Stone Sealers to recommend which sealant is best for your backyard oasis.

Sealing and Cleaning Services in Fort Worth TX For Stone.

After Cleaning Care

Once you make the decision to seal your slate or Flagstone cleaning Fort Worth Tx, the maintenance and cleaning will be simple. The sealant is for protection and you will simply need soap and water on your slate floors on a regular basis to keep them looking good. Texas Stone Sealers is ready to answer your questions on how to properly care for your slate tiles, floor, or patio. You can rely on our professionals to help you understand how to preserve and protect your slate. A sealant will guarantee longevity especially if it comes from Texas Stone Sealers, the industry leader!

Among the most common types of indoor surfaces we can clean, refinish, and seal includes slate and Flagstone cleaning Fort Worth Tx. Flagstone is the most common type of stone that is used in outdoor patios, decks, and outdoor features. The term Flagstone refers to the actual cut of the stone rather than the type of stone. As a result, Flagstone will always be a Sandstone. Flagstone is susceptible to erosion and spalling.

Preparation for Erosion

Spalling is the erosion process when bonding molecules that hold sand particles together fail, and the natural stone begins to peel off in layers. The level of spalling can range from a fine grain of sand to small pebbles breaking off. One way to avoid erosion is by using one of our Flagstone cleaning Fort Worth Tx sealants. For example, our TSSPRO-600 will stabilize the surface and prevent further damage from occurring. TSSPRO-600 is made up of a thick epoxy-based densifying consolidator. A layer of professional-grade sealant should be used after the densifier is cured.

Our premium-grade Flagstone cleaning Fort Worth Tx sealant will prevent weeds which can often be an eyesore. Weeds that come up in between cracks can hurt curb appeal and create an easy way for water to seep under the slab. Texas Stone Sealers has mastic joint repair and mastic grout installation services are done by our professionals. Our experts have undergone thorough training in this field. You will have the relief that the job will be done properly the first time.


Flagstone Restoration Services

Services for Indoor & Outdoor

Texas Stone Sealers provides pressure washing services for any home or business. If you live in a deed-restricted area, then you are aware of the strict guidelines. Many HOA’s require that your home be algae and mildew free. In order to get that slimy green off the side of your home, you need pressure washing services. You must protect your property and Flagstone cleaning Fort Worth Tx from further damage that this mildew will cause. Texas Stone Sealers can remove dirt, mold, and mildew. Because of this, you will save on replacement costs and improve the appearance of your home.

Our techs use environmentally friendly cleaning products that will not hurt your pets or plants. The cleaning solution can be custom to the types of stains that you have on your surfaces. This is an effective way to clean while minimizing the amount of time these sensitive areas are underwater. Our goal is to improve the overall health of your home inside and out. Our pressure washing professionals will use the correct water pressure to avoid further damage to the Flagstone cleaning Fort Worth Tx.

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Fort Worth Texas battles the tough Gulf Coast weather year-round. That is another reason why you should put yourself on a maintenance program with Texas Flagstone cleaning Fort Worth Tx Stone Sealers. Give us the chance to come out and give you a free estimate and talk with you about preserving such precious areas. Clients should also enjoy the pavers services and slate sealing we offer as well. Click here to see our amazing website with before and after pictures. Call us at 1-888-275-5354 to set up your free consultation. You can’t go wrong with the professionals at Texas Stone Sealers.

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