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Over time, natural stone can collect bacteria and growth spores. These spores can turn into algae, mold, or even fungi. These spores are not healthy for your stone. They can cause more significant issues later on if the stone is not treated. Texas Stone Sealers is capable of cleaning your natural stone and sealing it so growth spores can no longer grow.

Pressure washing the mold, fungi, or algae is only a temporary fix and is costly. Sooner than later, new growth spores will appear on the stone. These ailments will cause stains and possible health issues if brought into your home.

The Best Way of Preventing Growth

Paver sealants

Prevent spore growths from appearing on your stones with Texas Stone Sealers.

One of the most significant issues these growth spores cause is staining. Mold, algae, and fungi never look great, but if they are left for long enough, they will leave stains on your natural stone. Mold is especially unsightly because of how harmful it is. These growths form when moisture and humidity mix. From there, these spores will begin to cause issues on your stone.

The best way you can prevent the growth of these unhealthy spores is through sealing your natural stone. Texas Stone Sealers can help you clean the stone surfaces. We will ensure the unsightly spores are removed before we seal the stone. Power or pressure washing can only get rid of the spores for so long. The next step would be to seal the stone.

Texas Stone Sealers have developed an advanced proprietary sealant that uses cross-linking technology or CLT. Our sealants last longer, improve the appearance of stone, and prevent growth spores from developing. Our sealants do what others can’t. Let us help protect the look and integrity of your natural stone. These sealants can be applied to concrete, patios, brick, driveways, and so much more.

Homeowners who are interested in our cleaning and sealing services should give us a call today. Give us a call at (713) 429-0469. Our team is skilled and will make your natural stone look better than ever. From pool coping to concrete driveways, Texas Stone Sealers can help. Read more about cross-linking technology on our website. There is a reason why our sealants provide longer-lasting seals.