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Lueders stone Austin, TX

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Lueders stone Austin, TX is one of the most porous stones available. Sealing your Lueders stone will ensure that your stone can last as long as possible, as well as maintain its appearance. At Texas Stone Sealers, we make sure that your Lueders stone is in better shape than ever with our powerful sealing services.

Texas Stone Sealers has had many years in the stone sealing industry, providing the best sealing solutions for our clients all over Austin, TX, as well as Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio. We provide sealing and thorough soft cleaning services for a number of stones, including:

  • Lueders limestone
  • Flagstone
  • Paver stone
  • Travertine
  • Concrete
  • Slate
  • And so much more.

When it comes to optimum sealing solutions, you can trust Texas Stone Sealers for a job well done. There are other sealing companies out there, but their sealants don’t last nearly as long as ours and the protection they give your stone is not that impressive, either. As a result, these tend to yellow and flake off over time.

Our sealants are long-lasting for a very good reason – they are designed with powerful Nano Cross-Linking Technology (CLT). With Nano CLT, polymer chains link to other polymer chains and bind strongly with the molecular chain of the stone. These nano-scale bonds create a powerful matrix that resists moisture, waterproofing and stain-proofing your stone.

Texas Stone Sealers’ excellent team is on hand to seal your Lueder stone Austin, TX for good. We can seal your driveways, walkways, pool coping, decks, and patios, your patios, and other outdoor surfaces. We come highly-rated for our service, with gushing customer reviews, and of course our work speaks for itself. If you are ready to go on this sealing journey, then call our team today to get started!

Discover Our Top-Notch Lueders Stone Austin, TX Sealing Services!

Lueders stone is a type of limestone that is very popular in building materials, used for driveways, walkways, patios, pathways, pool areas, and more. Limestone is a beautiful stone, one of the most common sedimentary rocks on earth. It is made of calcite, aragonite, and other grains that contain the remains of ancient aquatic organisms.

Lueders stone, however, is very vulnerable to all manner of threats. This is because Lueders stone is a soft, porous rock that can absorb moisture, acid, and even harsh chemicals very easily. Alcohol, citrus, vinegar, and even tomato juice can ruin limestone. Lueders stone can also be easily scratched by patio furniture and the like.

As a result, limestone around the pool deck or pond walkway is especially vulnerable. Moisture can seep into the limestone and get easily absorbed, causing decay and determination over time. If you find your Lueders stone looking much worse for wear, this could be why.

Fortunately, Texas Stone Sealers is here to help. We can seal your Lueders stone, which will protect it against water, moisture, and organic matter. Moreover, having your Lueders stone sealed will also make it much easier to clean. Unsealed limestone is very tricky to clean, as some harsh and abrasive powders can destroy limestone.

Our team is here to help, so be sure to call us today to get started. We can also arrange for mold and mildew removal, as well as calcium and efflorescence removal if necessary. For more information about Lueders stone, stone maintenance in general, and our other services, call our team today or visit our helpful blog.

Lueders stone Austin, TX

Pool surfaces are prone to efflorescence and algae growth. Call Texas Stone Sealers to ensure your Lueders stone Austin, TX surfaces stay clean and beautiful.

Explore Our Magnificent Sealing Services!

Our stone sealing process is a simple and easy one. Our team comes in, checking to make sure your stones do not have any sealants still lingering around; if they do, we make sure to strip them, as most of our sealants cannot be applied over an existing one. Then we clean your area very well with pressure washing, making sure it’s completely dry and free from moisture.

Lastly, we apply one of our sealants, mostly with a roller-on or spray. There are tons of sealants that work excellently with Lueders limestone. TSS Pro 600, 650, and 950 are all excellent sealants that can provide crucial protection to your Lueders stone.

TSS Pro 600 and 650 are unique hardener sealants that work excellently with not just Lueders stone but other stone surfaces such as sandstone as well. They provide protection against saltwater erosion and other water damage. The TSS Pro 950, on the other hand, is excellent at protecting your stone from staining from vehicle oil, dirt, soil, leaves, nuts, and more.

Other sealants that can give your stones excellent water-resistant protection include the TSS Pro 150, 250, and 450. These sealants have strong stain resistance features, protecting your stone against saltwater erosion. In addition, they provide protection against freeze-thaw damage, which can occur in below-freezing temperatures. Our sealants come with a guarantee of up to seven years, so contact us today!

Lueders stone Austin, TX

Te3xas Stone Sealers is here to help restore your Lueders stone patio to its former glory.

We Leave No Stone Sealed, So Call Today!

Texas Stone Sealers is committed to enhancing and improving the appearance of your stone. It can be depressing to have dull, listless, and even cracked and broken stones around your residential area. But it can also be dangerous. Without stone sealing, mold and mildew can easily grow on your stone, which can present a dangerous health hazard, especially if you have children.

At Texas Stone Sealers, we use only the best sealants around, designed by us through our sister company. Our sealants are easy to use, powerfully effective against water damage and organic matter, and also environmentally friendly. Once fully cured, there is no risk of any adverse side effects whatsoever.

We use tons of excellent sealants that can protect and enhance your Lueders stone. Through our efforts, you can be sure that your Lueders stone will look like a million bucks once more. Bring your outdoor area to radiant life once more by calling us today! You can rest assured that our Lueders stone Austin, TX sealing services are the best in town!

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