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Houston TX Lueders Limestone

Allow the experts at Texas Stone Sealers to help restore and preserve your Houston TX Lueders Limestone surfaces. For years, we have been offering quality stone cleaning and sealing services across the Greater Houston area. Whether you have flagstone, bluestone, quartzite, or any other type of natural stone surfaces, know that our team is here to help.

Texas Stone Sealers proudly offers both commercial and residential services. If you’re looking to improve your curb appeal, a professional pressure washing service could be precisely what you need. We have years of experience under our belts. With that in mind, you can trust our team utilizes tried and true cleaning methods and techniques. No matter what stains you’re hoping to rid your surfaces of, know that our team can help.

Houston TX Lueders Limestone

Texas Stone Sealers can help restore your surfaces to their former glory.

Pressure washing is just one of the many cleaning services we offer to our customers. We also provide specialty spot treatment methods. To learn which service would best benefit your Houston TX Lueders Limestone surfaces, contact Texas Stone Sealers today.

It’s not uncommon for people to have two different types of natural stone services around their homes. That is why we proudly offer our services for every natural stone type out there. So, no matter what stone your surfaces are, Texas Stone Sealers can help restore them to their former glory. Call us if you’re looking for the most reliable stone cleaning services in the Greater Houston area.

Houston TX Lueders Limestone

Lueders limestone is a porous rock type. With that in mind, you need to take extra care of these surfaces. Scratches, staining, and efflorescence are all potential hazards for limestone. However, acidic substances prove the biggest threat to the condition of the stone. This means you need to be careful what products you use when cleaning your stone. If you use a cleaning product that’s too abrasive, you could cause the stone to deteriorate, especially with frequent use of that product.

If you’re looking to prevent damage and deterioration of your natural stone surfaces, you need to seal them. A sealer is the most effective method for ensuring your stone surfaces stand the test of time. Of course, it’s not enough to just use any product. Many sealants out there don’t provide the long-lasting protection they claim to. Moreover, most sealants leave an unattractive yellow hue on the surface of the stone, taking away from its natural beauty.

This is something we aim to avoid here at Texas Stone Sealers. That is why we are proud to say our stone sealers offer beautiful matte and gloss finishes to enhance the natural beauty of the stone. Additionally, all of our sealers have been specially formulated to provide lasting protection to a range of stone products.

Houston TX Lueders Limestone

Trust our experts to help care for your Houston TX Lueders Limestone surfaces.

Professional Cleaning & Sealing Services

Here at Texas Stone Sealers, we take pride in our customer service. We understand that stone surfaces are a costly investment. That is why we want to help you protect that investment. We proudly offer the best value for your money; when you have your stone sealant installed by our professional team, we’ll offer you a five-year warranty on that service.

Additionally, we utilize some of the most modern cleaning techniques to rid stone surfaces of the oldest and toughest stains. Stains aren’t the only thing that can dirty the appearance of your stone. Algae, dirt, and efflorescence are just some of the many things that can cause your surfaces to look a little worse for wear.

The high humidity we experience here in Houston can encourage the growth of mildew, algae, and mold in natural stones. If you’ve been dealing with this, call our team and ask about our stone cleaning services today.

All of our sealants have been created to tackle individual problems that different stone types face. With that in mind, it’s important you seal your surfaces with the right product if you want it to be as effective as possible. Some of our best sealants for limestone products include the TSSPro 200, the TSSPro 600, the TSSPro 750, and the TSSPro 950. If you’d like a full list of the sealants we provide and the protection they offer, reach out to our team today.

TSSPro 200 | High-Performance Sealer

The TSSPro 200 has been specially designed for porous stones such as limestone. It is suitable for use on a range of surfaces, including pool coping, waterfalls, walkways, and patios. Weatherproofing is just one of the many benefits of sealing your stone surfaces with this product. The TSSPro 200 is also resistant to pool chemicals and salt water erosion, making it the perfect option for your outdoor surfaces.

As previously mentioned, all of our sealers offer a beautiful finish; the TSSPro 200 specifically leaves a matte finish on your stone surfaces. What’s more, this sealer is incredibly long-lasting and is effective with just a single coat. To learn more about this sealer and how it can protect your surfaces, call Texas Stone Sealers today.

Houston TX Lueders Limestone

Speak with our team to learn more about our excellent warranty.

TSSPro 600 | Weatherproofing Sealer

The TSSPro 600 is another one of our sealers designed for porous stones. It is capable of strengthening the structure of the stone while protecting it against efflorescence, acid rain, and saltwater erosion. The TSSPro 600 is one of the longest-lasting sealants you’ll find, not just in the TSSPro Sealant range but anywhere.

Not only is this sealant ideal for limestone, but it is also a great option for flagstone, cast stone, moss rock, and many other stone types. To learn whether the TSSPro 600 is the right sealant for your surfaces, call our team today.

TSSPro 750 | Algae-Free Sealer

Algae growth is a common problem for limestone, especially for surfaces near water. If this is an issue your stone has been facing, our TSSPro 750 is the perfect sealer. Once cured, this sealant will keep your surfaces free from any black, green, or other discoloring algae. It offers a matte finish and dries in as little as one hour for your convenience.

The TSSPro 750 is a water-based sealer and can be re-sealed as and when needed. This sealer typically lasts up to two years. However, when our experts at Texas Stone Sealers carry out the application, you’ll receive a five-year warranty. Contact Texas Stone Sealers today if you’re looking for the best cleaning and sealing services.

You won’t find better value for your money when you’re looking to protect your Houston TX Lueders Limestone surfaces.

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