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Houston Texas TSSPro300

If you need a long-lasting sealer for your home, get the Houston Texas TSSPro300! Texas Stone Sealers helps homeowners clean and seal their stone surfaces for the best prices. Additionally, we help homeowners get rid of mold, mildew, calcium, and efflorescence! We’ll help you maintain your natural stone surfaces! We’re pioneers in the industry.

Natural stone surfaces can transform the look of any home. Not only are they durable materials, but they also serve as beautiful aesthetic décor. However, they can still experience damage and lose their brand new look. Don’t worry; Texas Stone Sealers is here to help. We provide fantastic services and the best products to keep your home looking great.

There has never been a better time to try our Houston Texas TSSPro300! Call us today at (888)-275-5354 to start!

Houston Texas TSSPro300

Texas Stone Sealers helps homeowners seal, clean, and restore their damaged natural stone!

The Many Benefits of Sealant Services

Many people don’t seal their outdoor patios, pool areas, and natural stone surfaces because they are told not to. However, it’s never too late to use our services and products. It’s better to start immediately! As a proud homeowner, you always want the best services and products to maintain your home. Because of this, Texas Stone Sealers offers some of the most affordable services to restore your natural stone surfaces. Having worn out natural stone around your home is unappealing.

Not only does it look bad, but the damage may get worse over time. As a result, you may have costly repairs. There are many benefits to getting our affordable services. First, our services help rejuvenate the look of your natural stone. Using some of the best state-of-the-art sealers on the market, we can enhance the color of your floors, patio areas, countertops, and more.

Secondly, having a sealer applied to your surfaces prolongs its lifespan. While it’s true that some natural stones are not as porous as others, they can all experience water damage. Our services and products help strengthen your natural stone that has been weakening due to sun exposure, saltwater exposure, or erosion.

Lastly, you can protect your surfaces from the developing mold or mildew. A common problem that many homeowners face is they have a sudden proliferation of mold. Typically, any natural stone, be it concrete or travertine, with constant exposure to water can have this issue. Mold and mildew multiply in humid areas. For example, the corners of bathrooms, outdoor patio areas are perfect for mold and mildew.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consult with us. Many homeowners will try to buy the cheapest product available, but sometimes they don’t do the job right. Furthermore, different stones require different sealers to work efficiently. If you use the wrong sealer, you could be damaging your surfaces even further. Besides that, re-stripping an old coat of inferior sealer isn’t only time-consuming but can double your cost when it comes to cleaning and sealing your surfaces. Make the right choice the first time and go with us! We’re family-owned and operated, so you can count on us to give you excellent customer service.

The TSS Pro 300: Durable Protection For Your Home

Houston Texas TSSPro300

The TSS Pro 300 is the best choice to seal your outdoor patio to prevent moisture damage.

Our experts have years of experience helping people restore, clean, and seal their natural stone surfaces. One of our most popular products is the TSS Pro 300. This wet look, low sheen sealer provides surfaces with a seal that offers durable, long-lasting protection against moisture.

The TSS Pro 300 is unique because it’s a hybrid sealer. It impregnates the stone and is topical, which helps the aesthetic quality of the sheen. Furthermore, this acrylic-based sealer can go over old sealers. One of the reasons it’s so effective is because it is silicone-dense and uses Nano CrossLinking Technology. This technology allows the sealer to bond at the molecular level with the stone and offers more profound protection. Spills on any stone surfaces must still be cleaned up, but a sealer delays the time it takes to become a serious stain.

Texas Stone Sealers uses this sealer, which supercharges your stone and gives your surfaces a look as if water has been poured over it. The low sheen helps your surfaces look their best while offering protection. Another significant advantage of this sealer is that it has a fast curing time and doesn’t need to be re-stripped to apply it again.

Besides offering the best protection, this product helps give your surfaces a wet-look that gives it depth and makes it look brand new. Let’s face it; nobody likes to look at worn-out stone features around the home. Damaged stone makes your home look bad, but with our product, your guests will always be impressed.

The TSSPro 300 is very easy to apply. You can use a pump-up spray or even a brush. You can even roll it on! All of our sealers can be installed by rolling, painting, or spraying except for one.  The TSSPro 400 is the only one that must be rolled on unless you have a professional air sprayer. However, we understand that you are a homeowner, a parent, or a busy working professional. If the area that you are trying to seal is extensive, then please consider our services! We have 16 years of experience and reliable service. We will work efficiently to give you the best service possible. Searching for Houston Texas TSSPro300 has never been easier.

Go With The Best Sealers And Sealing Services Around!

As you can see, there are many strong features of the TSSPro 300. To give your home the best protection, it’s always a good idea to go with a professional crew to get the job done. We always make sure to give you the best service for the best prices. Many sealers can be found at big-name stores that claim they take care of everything from mold to UV protection and prevent water impregnation all in one.

However, we’re experts in our field. We understand that different types of stones have different levels of porosity, and certain problems require a specific sealer. There is a lot of risk in using a cheap alternative. You could be hurting your natural stone surfaces more, which can lead to even further costs and can be time-consuming. Re-stripping old coats of sealers can be expensive, which is why you should consider our services.

We’ll clean and restore your stone surfaces. Or, we can coordinate the right contractors to get the job done. Either way, you will be using some of the best sealers around to make your home beautiful again. The TSS Pro 300 is the best choice to protect your home for the best prices. It’s one of the best products to use for protecting the following types of natural stone surfaces:

Houston Texas TSSPro300

Houston Texas TSSPro 300 helps maintain your natural stone surfaces!

High-Quality Service

Texas Stone Sealers always puts customer service and excellent work first. Utilizing TSS Pro Sealants that use Nano CrossLinking Technology, you can always count on our services to get the job done right the first time. Don’t go with just any sealing service. Maintaining a home is difficult. As a result, we made maintaining your natural stone surfaces easy.

To learn more about how you can start giving your home a fantastic new look, call (888)-275-5354. When you search for Houston Texas TSSPro300, you will find that we’re the best option around.

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