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Renovating an outdoor pool area can be a big investment but can also greatly increase the value of your home. When choosing the materials to redesign your pool and patio, you want to put careful thought into what will be easily maintainable.  What are the benefits of using natural stone? There are so many options that you can make up your own mind. This kind of careful consideration is sure to provide you with a finished product that you are happy with and will add resale value to your home.


Natural stone is always a good investment for outdoor remodeling.  Not only is it a beautiful choice, but it is also a classic and timeless option that will never go ‘out of style’.  We’ve collected an assortment of the most beautiful, functional and maintainable natural stones to use outside, specifically around pool areas, and highlighted the benefits of each.

Let’s answer the question What are the Benefits of Using Natural Stone? This question can be answered by looking closely at all the options from Texas Stone Sealers.


If you’ve been doing your homework, you’ve undoubtedly heard of travertine by now. It’s one of the most celebrated options for those who want a luxurious look, and there some very good reasons for its popularity.

porous consistency means it doesn’t hold heat very well. This makes it cooler to the touch, even on hot and sunny days. This is important for protecting tender feet, especially those of children.

      • It absorbs water, so it doesn’t become slippery when wet.
      • It’s durable to foot traffic and the inevitability of moving patio furniture around to follow the sun or the fun.
      • It can stand up to extreme temperatures, which is important when dealing with the high temperatures known to Texas.
      • With several styles and textures to choose from, it adds an amazing look of artistry to any patio.


If you haven’t considered flagstone, you should. It’s a trending choice for stone decking for a reason.

      • It comes in many beautiful earth tones
      • It’s heat resistant, like travertine.
      • Considered one of the most low-maintenance natural stones, it doesn’t need a lot of upkeep after proper sealing.
      • The differing shapes, colors, and textures of flagstone can create a beautiful mosaic look that will be pleasing to the eye for years to come.


Slate adds an antiquated charm to the pool area. The natural material has been used for centuries around the world and continues to bring visual appeal to natural settings, as well as a more traditional modern landscape.

      • When sealed properly, slate can last for many years with very little maintenance.
      • It can be found in many unique colors naturally; ranging from very dark blacks and greys to lighter reds, purples, and blue-greys
      • It’s easy to cut and install, making it very versatile and friendly on the wallet.


If you’re looking for a material that will stand the test of time, with minimal care, you may want to consider granite.

      • Granite is a very hard natural stone, which makes it an optimal stone for a long-lasting pool design.
      • It repels water, making it very durable for patios and other recreational areas around pools.
      • Granite has a very consistent look, color, and texture.  This makes it ideal for someone who wants a clean, opulent look to their pool and patio landscaping.

Coral Stone

Coral stone is the artist’s canvas of natural stones. It is a naturally-forming combination of limestone, coral, shell fossils and sand; and looks like a work of art.

      • One of the most naturally durable of all-natural stones, a coral stone can withstand extreme temperatures, pool chemicals, salt water, and all the foot traffic you can throw at it.
      • Because of its natural durability, it is one of the easiest stones to maintain, once properly cleaned and sealed.
      • Coral stone doesn’t hold heat, making it feel cool to the touch no matter the outside temperature.
      • It is virtually non-slip because of it’s unique and varied texture.


What are the Benefits of Using Natural Stone?

Whether you are ready to invest in a beautiful renovation of your outdoor pool area, or you already have a gorgeous natural stone pool and patio that just needs a little sprucing up, Texas Stone Sealers can help you achieve a beautiful look that will increase the value of your investment.  Our cleaning and sealing process will ensure that your natural stone stays in the best shape possible, with little to no maintenance on your part.  Call us today for a consultation on preserving your natural stone for years to come.