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Get extraordinary water based sealer Houston, TX services when you hire Texas Stone Sealers! Our team is knowledgeable and experienced with all types of stone surfaces and can help you seal your stones. Sealing your stones is highly recommended to ensure your outdoor surfaces’ longevity and maintain their appearance.

water based sealer Houston, TX

Preserve and protect your driveway with the expert assistance of Texas Stone Sealers.

Texas Stone Sealers is committed to providing you with optimal sealing solutions. We have served communities all over Houston, as well as Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio. When it comes to quality sealants, excellent sealing service, and customer satisfaction, Texas Stone Sealers stands miles above the rest. It’s no secret why we consistently get raving customer reviews and testimonials – and our before and after photos, in particular, are worth a thousand words.

For countless years, we have stripped away ineffective sealants that yellow and flake off over time, causing your stones to decay in appearance. That’s why, to seal your stones, we use water and solvent-based sealants developed by us from our sister company. We can clean and seal your limestone, paver stone, travertine, and concrete surfaces, as well as other outdoor surfaces.

Texas Stone Sealers offers the best in terms of sealing services and products. We can turn your natural stone surfaces around with excellent sealing solutions. We are so confident in our sealing products and services, in fact, that we offer a five-year warranty, which is much more generous than most in the industry.

So what are you waiting for? Call our team today to get started, and we’ll come out to see you wherever you are in the greater Houston area. Our water based sealer Houston, TX service will ensure your stones are properly sealed. We leave no stone unsealed when it comes to your stone surfaces!

Our Water Based Sealer Houston, TX Services Can’t Be Beat, So Call Today!

Different outdoor surfaces require different sealers. Depending on the type of outdoor surface you have, there may be several sealers that can help maintain your stone surfaces.

Sealing your stones is necessary in order to ensure their longevity and physical attractiveness. Like all things, outdoor surfaces decay and degrade from the elements, especially water. Thus, sealants are necessary in terms of helping to keep the integrity of your stones.

Our sealants are guaranteed to strengthen and enhance your stones. They are easy to apply and environmentally-friendly, free of harmful chemicals unsafe to both humans and pets. Their powerful enhancing qualities are due to Nano Cross-Linking Technology (Nano CLT), which creates a powerful matrix that repels water and moisture. Nano CLT is the most advanced sealing technology yet, giving our sealants the waterproof and stainproof qualities needed to seal your stones properly.

Texas Stone Sealers’ expert team is here to provide you with the sealing services you need. Apart from sealing, we also offer cleaning services with pressure washing if needed. If your stones have developed calcium and efflorescence, for instance, we can remove them with soda blasting, and if mold and mildew are plaguing your stone, we can arrange for their removal as well.

So don’t hesitate to call us today! We’ll be thrilled to help you breathe new life into your stone surfaces. We help restore paver stones, travertine, Lueder limestone, sandstone, and so much more. Call our expert team today!

water based sealer Houston, TX

You can trust Texas Stone Sealers to restore your stone surfaces with our water based sealer Houston, TX service!

Hire A Water Based Sealer Service That Will Turn Your Stone Around

Water is necessary for life; it is also a known degrader. Water erosion can leave your stones begging for mercy before long, which is why sealing them against water damage and moisture is highly recommended. Fortunately, our trusty team can help you seal your surfaces with our trusty water-based sealers.

Stone surfaces that are highly susceptible to water damage include limestone, paver stone, and flagstone. Limestone is an extremely porous stone, absorbing moisture and acidic material that can degrade it. Examples of acidic material include citrus, vinegar, alcohol, and even something as innocuous as tomato juice. Limestone is also susceptible to dust, dirt, and grime.

Another porous stone is flagstone, which is a classic sedimentary rock containing quartz and feldspar. Rain, water, chlorine, saltwater, and other types of threats can degrade flagstone, as it is very susceptible to weathering and staining, particularly water stains.

Paver stone, too, can suffer deterioration, although cracking is usually not an issue. Paver stone is a common and popular outdoor building material made out of concrete and a coloring agent to create beautiful mosaics. However, it is very easily stained, even by wet leaves; and of course, it is vulnerable to salt and chlorine from pools and ponds.

water based sealer Houston, TX

Texas Stone Sealers can apply the sealant that can bring your concrete surfaces back to life.

We Leave No Stone Unsealed, So Call Our Expert Team Today!

When it comes to expert sealing solutions, there is no company that can best what we have to offer. Our water based sealers especially have what it takes to protect your stones and restore their appearance. You will never have to worry about old, faded stone surfaces when you call us today.

Our water based sealers can protect many stones, including limestone and paver stone, from water erosion, efflorescence, and so much more. In addition, we also use solvent-based sealers that are also amazingly effective at keeping and enhancing the natural appearance of your stone.

Moreover, our sealants are perfect for DIY projects due to their easy application. The process usually takes no more than a day, and you will have to ensure your area is clean, dry, and debris-free until you apply your sealant. You may buy our own sealants yourself through our sister company; however, to take advantage of our expert and experienced team, you should definitely hire our services today.

You don’t have to settle for dull, efflorescence-streaked stone surfaces a moment longer. Contact Texas Stone Sealers today to get started. We are a water based sealer Houston, TX service that will turn your surfaces around!

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