Indoor Floor Sealing, Cleaning & Refinishing Services

Cleaning and sealing indoor flooring can prolong its life and preserve its natural beauty. Floors are exposed to continuous foot traffic inside most homes. The kitchen and bathroom floors probably suffer the most because of spills, moisture, and heavy traffic. Other heavy traffic areas where hard surface floors are prone to heavy wear include entryways and hallways. Over time, dirt and fine scratches build up on the surface of many types of flooring like tile, stone, and hardwood, dulling its appearance. A professional floor cleaning cleaning company like us can remove dirt and scuff marks to restore the flooring’s original color and make it look new again. Sealing floors protects against spills and scratching and simplifies cleaning. Our floor sealing service comes with a five year written guarantee, and estimates are free.

Why Seal Indoor Flooring?

Unsealed floors are vulnerable to contaminants and there are some stains and damages that not even the strongest dose of elbow grease can clean. Many flooring materials absorb moisture, which may cause staining, mold, mildew, and deterioration. Sealing floors impregnates the pores of the material, preventing the absorption of moisture, oil, and other debris that causes staining, corrosion, and damage. Texas Stone Sealers offers professional indoor floor sealing and cleaning services for tile, concrete, natural stone, grout, marble, and hardwood flooring and all service comes with a limited 5 year guarantee.

Maintaining Indoor Stone Flooring

Natural stone floors are typically strong and durable, but the properties of each stone vary depending on its unique composition. Some varieties of natural stone, such as sedimentary stones, are highly porous. As a result, they readily absorb moisture and debris that can cause staining. Density also differs among natural stones and affects its resistance to heat, as well as scratching. Igneous stones are typically scratch resistant while metamorphic stones are easily scratched.

Some of the most common stone flooring tiles used indoors include slate, marble, granite, limestone, and travertine. Sealing marble flooring is a trickier process than most others because of the density of the rock. A special marble polishing machine is used to clean and then enhance the shine of the stone. Slate flooring is much more porous, and needs to be sealed professionally to protect it against everyday wear and tear. We recommend consulting a professional flooring sealing company like Texas Stone Sealers if you are unfamiliar with the cleaning and sealing process for your particular stone type.

What Kind of Indoor Flooring do We Clean & Seal?

Indoor Slate Floor Sealing & Maintenance

Slate is a popular flooring choice because of its organic, earthy appearance. Slate is a metamorphic stone formed by chemical and physical changes that occur in an existing rock, such as shale, upon exposure to extreme heat or pressure. It is non-porous and resistant to staining. Slate is a moderately soft stone; therefore, it is susceptible to scratching and chipping at the edges or corners.

It is important to seal slate flooring to minimize stains, scratches, and protect it long-term. Although slate flooring is a very colorful rock with color variations that make it unique, stains and unwanted spalling can permanently damage it. Before you seal it, we recommend a professional slate cleaning service.

Cleaning & Sealing Indoor Travertine Floors

Travertine is actually a type of limestone. It comes in a variety of colors and is a popular flooring choice in many homes. Travertine is a sedimentary stone formed from fossil remains and impurities that provide its illustrious colors. The stone is quite porous and requires regular cleaning to remove debris that becomes embedded in its pores. Its high porosity also increases its absorptivity, making it prone to staining. In addition, exposure to acidic foods and beverages, such as wine, may etch the stone. Travertine is a relatively soft stone and easily scratched.

good travertine sealing can help protect it from stains due to spills during cooking, in the bathroom, and normal wear and tear. Before sealing travertine flooring, we recommend you get it cleaned professionally.

Indoor Marble Floor Sealing & Maintenance

Marble is a very popular flooring choice in high-end homes. The classic elegance of carrera or breccia marble never goes out of style. Marble is a metamorphic stone formed by the re-crystallization of minerals that occur when limestone is exposed to extreme pressure and heat. While some types of marble are harder than others, it is susceptible to scratching. Grains of sand and dirt scraping the surface of high traffic areas can cause scuff marks. Marble is also porous and may accumulate water marks and stains.  Exposure to orange juice, lemonade and other acidic foods and beverages may cause etching.

A professional marble floor sealing service is recommended once you have performed a deep cleaning and/or polishing. We have a few marble sealant options to choose from, just contact us with any questions if you’re not sure which one is right for your particular type of flooring.

Tile Floor Maintenance

Tile flooring is the most popular choice for wet areas and high traffic areas in most homes. However, keeping tile clean can be an arduous task. Most tiles are made from clay and are classified as either ceramic or porcelain. Ceramic tiles are most often made from white or red clay and fired in a kiln. They are highly absorbent and prone to wear. Porcelain tiles are made by dust pressing and have a higher density than ceramic ones.

Then you have natural stone tiles used as flooring. Regardless of whether you have marble, travertine, or slate floors, it is important that you protect them with a good quality sealant. Sealing tile flooring will protect it from staining, scratching, and damage for years and make cleanup easier. If your floors are heavily soiled, we recommend a professional tile cleaning before you apply sealant.

Seal & Protect Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is a popular choice because it is economical and can be dyed to customize its appearance. Concrete floors are formed by mixing cement and then pouring it onto the floor. Pigments may be added while mixing, or the concrete may be painted after it solidifies and cures. Concrete is porous and can absorb moisture if not properly sealed. If water seeps into the pores, it can harbor the growth of mold and mildew. It also has the potential to crack if exposed to freezing temperatures.

Seal concrete floors with a heavy duty sealant like TSS PRO 500 Clear Pro to protect them for years. A professional application after cleaning comes with a limited 5 year warranty.

Maintaining Grout on Flooring

Grout is used when laying tile flooring, tile backsplashes, in showers, on bathroom flooring, on bathroom walls, and even on countertops. Keeping grout clean is not easy, especially if it is a light color. Grout is a mixture of water, cement and sand and is quite porous. As a result, it easily accumulates dirt, mold and contaminates. It requires routine cleaning to maintain sanitary conditions and the visual appeal of the tile. A sealant application can protect the grout from stains and simplify cleaning.

Before sealing grout, we recommend you have a professional grout cleaning company come out to ensure that the cleaning is deep enough to remove debris and stains but not so rough that it washes away the grout.

Protect Indoor Brick Flooring

Brick flooring is a great choice for a warm, inviting, old-world feel in your home. Brick consists of clay and shale and has a high porosity. Spills are easily absorbed by the brick and can cause staining, mold and mildew. Brick also has a gritty surface, and if not properly sealed, foot traffic can carry the grains to other surfaces in the home and cause scratching.

professional brick sealing from Texas Stone Sealers comes with a limited five year warranty and will protect it from scratching, stains, and spalling. Before sealing brick flooring or a brick fireplace, it is important that it is properly cleaned and thoroughly dry before the sealant is applied.

Hardwood Floor Sealing & Maintenance

Hardwood flooring is timeless and beautiful, but it is one of the hardest kinds of flooring to maintain. Hardwood floors require periodic maintenance to retain their natural beauty. Over time, dirt becomes embedded in the grains of the wood and fine scratches make it appear dull.

A professional hardwood floor cleaning will remove surface residue, leaving the wood’s rich, natural color. Sealants designed especially for wood will protect your hardwood floor from moisture damage and reduce the cost of maintenance. Our hardwood floor sealing service comes with a five year limited warranty, and estimates are free.

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