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Protect your outdoor surfaces with flagstone sealer service at Texas Stone Sealers.

For a flagstone sealer Austin, TX service you can count on, contact Texas Stone Sealers today! Our expert services are absolutely top-notch and will ensure that your flagstone and other stone surfaces be protected from the worst of damage.

We are a family-owned and operated company dedicated to quality sealing services and sealers above all. We protect and maintain all types of stone, including flagstone, Lueders limestone, concrete, paver stone, and so much more. We service all your driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, and more, providing pressure washing and ultra-powerful sealing services that will leave your stone looking shiny, healthy, and vibrant once more.

Texas Stone Sealers has many years’ worth of experience in the stone sealing industry, caring for your natural stone surfaces with our high-quality flagstone sealer Austin, TX service. So committed are we to high-quality sealants, in fact, that we designed our very own sealants through our sister company. Tired of the flaking, yellowing sealants of our competitors, we created environmentally-friendly sealants that provide long-lasting protection against water and sun damage.

We come highly recommended as a premier service, so feel free to call our team today. Our expert sealing services and sealants have garnered us thousands of glowing customer reviews and powerful testimonials. We leave no stone unsealed, so call today!

Protect Your Surfaces With Our Flagstone Sealer Austin, TX Service

No matter what kind of surface you have, Texas Stone Sealer is sure to deliver the expert services you need to protect it. We have an experienced and committed team knowledgeable about all kinds of stone, including flagstone sealing. We deliver thorough cleaning and sealing services for your flagstone, removing mold, mildew, and other organic material from your stone, as well as calcium and efflorescence if need be.

Texas Stone Sealers uses only the best and most long-lasting sealants developed by us. Our sealants are designed with powerful Nano Cross-Linking Technology (CLT) that can prevent water from penetrating the stone. Nano cross-linking happens when a polymer chain links to other polymer chains, creating a matrix that resists moisture and keeps mold and bacteria out.

With the strength of our sealants, particularly our flagstone sealer, it’s a no-brainer to trust us, Texas Stone Sealers, to seal your stone properly. Our team is on hand to provide you with the excellent sealing services you need, so be sure to contact us today.

flagstone sealer Austin, TX

Our sealants can protect against water damage and so much more!

Care For Your Precious Flagstone Surfaces

Flagstone is also known as sandstone, a type of sedimentary rock that contains quartz and feldspar. There are many types of flagstone, including Oklahoma, Arizona, Santa Fe, and Lueders flagstone, all with their own type of vulnerabilities. Flagstone is prone to weathering and erosion, including spalling. Thus, if you have flagstone patios or pool decking, it is highly recommended that you seal them.

Flagstone is versatile and inexpensive; however, it requires quite a bit of maintenance if it is to retain its structural integrity. It is especially vulnerable to water stains, and the risk increases if it is near pools and pond walkaways, as well as a whole host of elements:

  • Rain
  • Efflorescence and calcium deposits
  • Chlorine
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Oil
  • Saltwater
  • Harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Prolonged sun exposure
  • Extreme temperature variations
  • Animal waste

Like limestone and sandstone, flagstone can crack, chip, discolor, etc. Moreover, it is vulnerable to spalling, which occurs when the flagstone is overexposed to water. This causes the bonding molecules of flagstone to erode, causing spalling and the breaking off into sandy and gritty pieces.

When you seal flagstone, however, you can prevent the worst of water and sun damage from occurring to your flagstone, filling its pores. A matte or glossy finish will give it a lovely finish that will bring your stone back to life once more.

Our sealants are particularly good for a do-it-yourself project with their easy application. However, for truly professional services, nobody can beat what Texas Stone Sealers have to offer. We can leave your flagstone looking simply stunning in no time.

Discover Our Process

Our team is highly experienced with all kinds of stone surfaces, including flagstone. Our quick and easy process usually takes a day and begin to work on protecting your flagstone surfaces right away.

First, however, we clean your flagstone, using a chemical cleaner with a surface cleaner and hot water to remove dirt, oils, and any loose stone. We then inspect the surface for layers that are peeling off and need to be removed, as well as old sealants still lingering. Inexpert stripping can damage your stone, so make sure you hire professionals like us for this.

After we ensure that your flagstone is clean and dry, we then apply a flagstone sealer and let it cure. This is usually achieved in 72 hours. If there’s a possibility for rain during those 72 hours, we cover up the surface in the meantime.

flagstone sealer Austin TX

Preserve your flagstone with our flagstone sealer Austin, TX service!

We Provide the Flagstone Sealer Services You Need, So Call Today!

Texas Stone Sealers is an industry leader for good reason. Our passion for our work, our dedication to quality above else, and our excellent customer service have made us stand out from our competitors and their sealants. While our competitors’ sealants don’t provide long-lasting protection, yellowing and flaking off in just a few years, our sealants can both protect and improve your stone surfaces.

Through powerful Nano CLT, our flagstone sealer especially can breathe new life into your flagstone, strengthening the material and giving protection from the elements. Much can damage flagstone, from rain to chlorine to salt; as a stone, it is especially vulnerable to water staining. We can not only clean your flagstone but also seal it, filling the pores of the stone.

So don’t wait until your flagstone is looking dull or developing cracks, stains, or worse. Contact Texas Stone Sealers today or drop by our Austin office location to get started. With our experienced sealing team on hand, we can ensure that you will get the best bang for your buck when it comes to stellar flagstone sealer Austin, TX services.

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