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Austin TX concrete sealer

Texas Stone Sealers can apply the concrete sealer that can bring your concrete surfaces back to life.

Looking for a high-quality Austin, TX concrete sealer? Texas Stone Sealers is the company for you. We offer top-notch sealing services with specially-designed sealing products that are miles ahead of our competitors. We can seal your concrete surfaces for you, as well as other surfaces, including sandstone, paver stone, Lueders flagstone, slate, and more.

Not only that, but we also provide extensive cleaning services with pressure washing. Our pressure washing eliminates most mold, mildew, dirt, tree stains, and more. With us, you won’t have to worry about your dull, unclean surfaces again. Texas Stone Sealers leaves no stone unsealed with our top-notch sealing services and incredible Austin, TX concrete sealer.

We come highly recommended as the best sealing company yet. Texas Stone Sealers not only uses only soft, clean, environmentally-friendly sealants but the most effective ones by far. If your concrete surfaces need sealing, don’t hesitate to call us today. We serve our local communities in the Austin area, as well as communities in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and other locations.

Discover Our Fantastic Austin, TX Concrete Sealer

Texas Stone Sealers offers stone maintenance services you won’t want to do without. We can seal concrete, flagstone, Lueders limestone, slate, granite, and other surfaces. We had grown tired of removing yellowing, underperforming sealants from clients’ stone, concrete, and other surfaces that flake too easily, so we developed our own line of sealants through our sister company.

We made our sealants with Nano cross-linking technology (CLT), the most advanced technology for sealing stones. Nano cross-linking is a term commonly used in chemistry. Cross-linking is what happens when a polymer chain links to other polymer chains. These Nano-scale bonds create a powerful matrix that resists moisture.

With our CLT-optimized sealants, you can keep water from penetrating your stone for longer. This will not only lengthen your surfaces’ life and attractiveness, but it will also keep bacteria and mold out of these areas, which can prevent a grave health risk.

Texas Stone Sealers operates its business with the highest standard of work and customer service. We leave no stone unsealed in our pursuit of excellence. For more information about our stellar sealing services and the quality of our sealants, contact us today.

Austin TX concrete sealer

Preserve your concrete, flagstone, and more by hiring Texas Stone Sealers. We provide amazing sealing services with our excellent concrete sealer.

Explore Our Concrete Sealer & Services

Concrete is one of the most familiar and ubiquitous of surfaces. We see concrete used most everywhere, in patios, sidewalks, driveways, swimming pools, pool decks, and much more. As one of the strongest materials around, concrete is used to pave our streets, weathering even the most extensive damage with just the barest of cracks.

But as with all surfaces, concrete can erode and deteriorate over time, especially from water and salt. Moreover, concrete is very porous, which means it suffers from deterioration caused by black algae and other organic material. Finally, like most stones, concrete can produce efflorescence, which presents as thin white streaks on the concrete’s surface.

With Texas Stone Sealers, you can kiss the ugly cracks, chips, and other imperfections of your concrete goodbye. Our team can not only seal your outdoor concrete surfaces but also provide extensive waterproof protection against future erosion. We have developed highly-effective sealants that we use on concrete for this purpose.

Moreover, we also offer pressure washing services to eliminate the presence of mold, mildew, and other hazardous material on your concrete. No matter what your sealing needs are, Texas Stone Sealers has an expert team that can help you out with our concrete sealer. We can breathe new and vibrant life into your outdoor surfaces once more.

Get Calcium & Efflorescence Removal Services

As part of our sealing process, we can clean up any calcium build-up and efflorescence from your outdoor surfaces if necessary. Calcium deposits from efflorescence form the white substance known as limescale. When water evaporates, it contains calcium and magnesium, leaving the bicarbonates behind and thus forming limescale.

Efflorescence is created when certain soluble salts and other materials come in contact with certain building materials – in this case, cement, a concrete building material. Potassium and sodium sulfates/hydroxides, carbon dioxide, and calcium carbonate are components that will most likely lead to efflorescence build-up. Like limescale, efflorescence is typically white and is very noticeable on darker-colored concrete.

To remove these substances, we use soda blasting. This is an effective technique used for years to remove these deposits; it has even been used to restore the Statue of Liberty. What we do is blast sodium bicarbonate using compressed air at the surface of the concrete. And don’t worry; the pH of the soda blasting is balanced enough so as not to compromise the integrity of the concrete.

If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person and want to prevent efflorescence, then you can buy our specialized concrete cleaner from our sister company. Otherwise, we highly recommend calling us today to take advantage of our stellar sealing and cleaning services. We guarantee you won’t regret contacting us for all your sealing needs.

Austin TX concrete sealer

Keep your exterior surfaces protected by calling Texas Stone Sealers today. We use an excellent Austin, TX concrete sealer that will protect your concrete surfaces for good.

We Leave No Stone Unsealed, So Contact Us Today

Texas Stone Sealers is not just any ordinary company offering stone maintenance services. We are an industry leader in stone sealing and cleaning services, and our own line of sealants is without parallel. While other companies may use shortcuts and inferior sealants that will have to be stripped off eventually, we get the job done right once and for all.

With our sealants, you can be sure your concrete surfaces will be protected from water and salt erosion, as well as calcium build-up. With powerful Nano cross-linking technology, our sealants will provide your surfaces with the long-lasting protection they need. In addition, we can wipe away the unsightly stains and dirt from your stone with high-pressure washing.

For excellent sealing services with high-quality sealants that can get the job done right, you can trust Texas Stone Sealants to do the job. We leave no stone unsealed with our excellent Austin, TX concrete sealer.

Fun Facts About Austin, TX:

  • Austin is the capital of Texas.
  • It is named for Stephen F. Austin, the “Father of Texas.”
  • Austin is the only city in the world that still operates moonlight towers.